As pioneers in the medical field, Apollo Institute of Medical Sciences and Research, Hyderabad (AIMSR) is inherently drawn to research and the possibilities of global impact in healthcare. Deploying the best pre-requisites in abundance to enable researchers to always keep the investigative streak vibrant has been the driving force behind the thriving research ecosystem at AIMSR.

At AIMSR, research scientists are encouraged to lead innovative clinical trials and research studies to improve global healthcare and are bestowed with the best mentorship, cutting-edge facilities, and remarkable funding, among the highest in the country. Researchers at AIMSR lead multi-speciality studies that test specific clinical approaches, evaluate the effectiveness of strategies and assumptions for the prevention and management of a wide range of diseases and conditions that concern global health.

Breakthroughs start when novel questionings begin and at AIMSR, students traverse inter-connected, multi-faceted domains to push the horizons of global medicine. AIMSR recognizes that knowledge generated by unfettered exploration yields the building blocks for tomorrow's revolutionary clinical applications in ways not easy to fathom, and thus provides extensive world-class collaborative opportunities.

It is the knowledge of the unknown that keeps the research wing at AIMSR on their toes. As the difficult problems beckon, the ones for which prevailing science does not yet have a framework to understand is where AIMSR research prevails. Research scientist at AIMSR embody the strength in developing new paradigms to tackle the dynamic global health problems and opening new avenues to transform human lives for the better.

Research practices at AIMSR are realized through collaborative research initiatives in which basic, translational, and clinical researchers work together across disciplines and specialties to discover fundamental insights into human health and disease and to apply their discoveries to develop new diagnostic tools and treatments for a global health landscape. Researchers at AIMSR collaborate across the medical fraternity and community taking utmost advantage of the vast biomedical research ecosystem.