A strong foundation ensues supremely capable individuals with high calibre to outperform even during daunting hours. The legacy of the Apollo Group continues to spur medical excellence at Apollo Institute of Medical Sciences and Research, Hyderabad (AIMSR) attracting the best of faculty talent and research stalwarts.

The HR department in its dogged pursuit of upholding a solid learning oasis the ‘AIMSR’ actively and resolutely engages in bringing the foremost faculty from across the globe thereby closing the skill gaps, ensuring updated and futuristic medical knowledge ready to be imparted to aspiring medical practitioners making them future proof and better prepared for precarious healthcare scenarios.

AIMSR has one of the largest endowments for medical research in India and has world-wide partnerships for enhanced and potent research developments. The prolific disbursal of research grants at AIMSR in emerging and lesser-known medical domains attracts researchers of the highest calibre from far and wide.