The bond between medicine and research is a close one; it is continuous, success-oriented and the final aim of this research is to be able to arrive at the best possible ways of treating patients promoting their overall welfare. At Apollo Medical College, we committed to training future leaders who will work at the intersection of science and medicine.

We at Apollo Medical College also look at research that addresses the factors that contribute to disparities in health and healthcare outcomes. During such research, we look at filling in the lags paving way for the scientific discoveries to become medical advances.

From bench research to clinical research, we encourage our students and faculty, all aimed at improving overall human health.


Central Research Lab

Apollo Medical College has a state-of-the-art Central Research Laboratory (CRL). It is primarily a molecular biology laboratory. The facility is dedicated to foster the biomedical and clinical research activities of the Faculty, Ph.D. scholars, and postgraduate and undergraduate students from all the specialties of the institution. The lab is well equipped with real-time PCR, Gradient PCR, Electrophoresis system, Blotter System, Gel documentation system, -80oC & -20oC freezers, and centrifuges.

CRL has a fully functional human cell and tissue culture facility to carry out In vitro studies.

Research Activities

The Apollo Medical College believes that real learning is rooted in exploring, experimenting, probing, and innovating. The college has a cutting-edge research facility that enables students to take an active part in finding solutions for the healthcare challenges that prevail today.