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Apollo Institute of Medical Sciences and Research, Hyderabad (AIMSR) is re-imagining medical education by offering global standards in medical programs. Scientific basis of medicine at AIMSR builds on the principles of in-depth enquiry and evidence-based teaching methodology. A broad-based pedagogical approach ensures that students gain exposure to primary, community-based and hospital care aspects of clinical learning. Faculty mentorship programs further the purpose of knowledge based learning and instilling excellence in clinical, communication, behavioural, and practical skills that are of paramount importance in the discovery process of the self as a medical asset.

AIMSR takes pride in high quality clinical care supported by excellent teaching and research. As pioneers in the field of medicine, students are assured of leading-edge futuristic technologies, world- class faculty base and state-of-art healthcare facilities. A vibrant medical ecosystem permeates at AIMSR with integrated multi-speciality global diaspora of mentors, faculty, and guides. Practical approaches to learning through laboratories, clinical facilities, and patient interactions only augment retention and the learning for life concept, though not to be forgotten, for medicos the journey of learning is a life – long process.

As part of the AIMSR learning experience, some of the key skill aspects that the student learns are:

  • Conduct and interpret research, Bench to Bedside breakthroughs resulting in laboratory to direct patient treatment
  • Logical reasoning and comprehensive understanding of patient history
  • Gain insights through closely working with multi-disciplinary teams
  • Opportunities to challenge and change assumptions for how to approach cases, contextualize and practice medicine within larger more integrated specialities

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Scientific knowledge, societal values, and human needs are ever changing, the ecosystem provided at AIMSR aids students in transitioning them from novices to responsible medical professionals well trained and suited to subjugate the challenges and deliver exceptional service. The AIMSR education rigour also ensures students imbibe the right values and strengthen their commitment to the humanistic, ethical, legal and cultural aspects of medicine and their interface with the medical fraternity and community service at large.

Holistic learning approaches adopted ensure emergent doctors excel in patient care, education, medical research, and policy making. The undergraduate program at AIMSR combines basic science and clinical medicine with humanism and professionalism, knowledge mastery intertwined with compassion at the very crux for success in the global healthcare industry.

The MBBS program at AIMSR combining academic rigour, clinical exposure, research, social welfare, and global synergies has been tailored to bring global medical education to the brightest minds in the country who then are able to chart their future in global healthcare.

The MBBS program at AIMSR lays emphasis on early clinical exposure and stresses on aspects of internships, integrated multi-disciplinary research and global syndication.

  • Influence their way of thinking
  • Pursue scientific discovery
  • Train futuristic leaders
Stage Semester Syllabus Covered
Pre-Clinical 1-2: Two Semesters Anatomy, Bio-Chemistry, Physiology
Para-Clinical 3-4-5: Three Semesters Forensic Medicine, Pathology, Pharmacology, Microbiology, OPDs, Community Medicine, Clinical Posting Inwards
Clinical 6-7-8-9: Four Semesters Medicine & Allied Subject (Psychiatry, Dermatology), Obst, Gynae. Surgery & Allied Subjects (Anesthesiology, E.N.T, Orthopaedics), Clinical Posting, Community Medicine

The AIMSR graduate is a compassionate, team-oriented critical thinker who understands health promotion and disease management and demonstrates competence in key roles as healer, scientist, educator, role model, and lifelong learner. On successful program completion, global careers beckon as students look to pursue higher education or become competent practicing physicians or aim for research glories.


Importance of mentorship cannot be more emphasized than the phrase being rudderless. Practicing doctors backed with years of teaching experience from across the globe bring remarkable know-how that help aspiring medical professionals tremendously. The mentorship program at AIMSR has been a beacon through the years as students time and again cherish the opportunities presented to them.

Keeping student success as a sole outcome of the Mentorship program, tutoring, personal counselling, timely guidance, and providential advice have been integral to this highly interactive program. A mentor makes for a valuable resource is simply an understatement and it is this belief that AIMSR fosters thus providing ample opportunities to build relationships between faculty and students.

At AIMSR, the college Advisor / Mentor initiative pairs first year medical students with a faculty member who can offer insight, encouragement in discipline specific learning opportunities. To this end, during or after the first semester / orientation programs, students are asked to identify 3 clinical specialist areas that interest them. This information is then used to pair the students or group of students with a specialist in one of the areas that they have indicated.

MBBS Internship:
Subjects: Internship Duration:
Community Medicine 2 months
Medicine Including 15 days of Psychiatry 2 months
Surgery Including 15 days of Anaesthesia 2 months
Obstt. / Gynae. Including family welfare planning 2 months
Paediatrics 1 months
Orthopaedics including PMR 1 months
E. N. T. 15 days
Ophthalmology 15 days
Casualty 15 days
Elective Posting 15 days
Total 1 Year

Clinical Experience

Experience medical education at its very best at AIMSR. World-class facilities combined with an academic delivery by an inspirational teaching staff; globally educated who are at the forefront of teaching, practice, and research excellence.

Faculty at AIMSR are undoubtedly an asset to students seeking the best in practice or research. AIMSR is renowned for research and development efforts and the encouragement it provides in this regard. Faculty often perform dual roles as scientists and clinicians, bringing the most up-to-date global knowledge, skills, and methods of inquiry from the laboratory to the bedside and delving on translational, clinical, and community-based research ensuring students at AIMSR etch their mark in the global field of medicine.

The MBBS program at AIMSR lays emphasis on clinical training and experience and students get an early exposure to patient treatment. As a budding doctor at AIMSR, students get the opportunity to interact and learn from a range of backgrounds in a variety of settings providing the requisite breadth of experience to ensure students are prepared for the divergent global health care community.

The disparate setting presented during clinical training gains more prominence whilst aiding students to explore different specialties and thereby narrowing down of choices for pursuing higher medicine globally. The clinical experience at AIMSR is an innovative and enriching experience for medical students to participate in clinical encounters that impart skills that shape their vision as future medicos. Course goals at AIMSR with global benchmarking include integration into the clinical setting with preceptors, development of concrete skills, and introduction to diverse career streams. The clinical framework emulating the prevalent global medical education practices includes three components:

(1) Clinical experiences,
(2) Interactive large group seminars, and
(3) Small group sessions for reflection of clinical sessions.

Students and faculty at AIMSR share a common thread of social service and take pride in their shared pursuit of clinical excellence, revelling in the joy and privilege of clinical interactions developing a strong sense of patient centric care.

The apprentice physician gains clinical experience expanding their understanding of how health is interconnected wherein various specialities analyse cases and produce remarkable results. The clinical training at AIMSR lays emphasis on both the critical aspects of the science of medicine, and the art of effective communication with patients. Under the watchful eyes of seasoned clinicians, medical students at AIMSR begin learning how to take histories and examine patients within months of enrolling and are well on their way to becoming astute medical practitioners.

At AIMSR, students play an integral role in hands-on patient care, working in small groups with master clinicians, residents, and fellows. World-renowned resources that help medical students at AIMSR master their craft include:

  • Global clinical training standards for a head start in global careers
  • Large and diverse patient population aiding students to firm up their speciality of interest
  • Highly experienced global practitioners and internally qualified clinical faculty
  • The unique clinical experience at AIMSR readies students for early clinical immersion to help integrate their skills and knowledge in preparation for outstanding practice.

Clinical experience offered at AIMSR facilitates the transition from student to a working physician, as students get to witness actual work scenarios, and explore their interests and are better prepared to make informed choices before committing to a specific medical focus.

At AIMSR, preceptorships provide insights into the life of a physician and potential career preferences that help orient students into physician life and specialty choices. Students develop comfort with clinical settings, one-on-one medical-skills training, feedback, active clinical experience, quality of clinical training, and learn to work with diverse teams, acculturation to teams, developing comfort with patients, basic clinical-skills training, promoting career interest in primary care and specialty understanding, encouraging active learning in preclinical settings, and minimizing the angst of practice that some students experience as they enter clerkships.

From chronic ailments to psychiatry, general practice to paediatrics and beyond, the wide exposure gained during clinical training at AIMSR will hold students in good stead while aiming for a global career delivering exceptional care.

Community Service

True to the values of the Apollo Group, community service is second nature to AIMSR and resonates with the underlying culture of care and giving at AIMSR. Students at AIMSR are not only trained to become brilliant doctors, critical health researchers, clinical and academic leaders, but are also impelled to embody high ethics and empathy with a vision to make a positive difference to people's lives.

Through the years of exemplary education, research and scientific discoveries, AIMSR is constantly striving to ensure that global people have access to the best possible care – both today, and in the future.

Students of AIMSR, have the unrivalled advantage to learn medicine at the bedside of one of the largest and most diverse patient populations in the country wherein the privileged students come face to face with the full spectrum of medical issues, from the ordinary to the most rare and complex. The Apollo General Hospital, our main teaching hospital, acts as a safety net for the citizens of Telangana–serving the uninsured and underinsured. By virtue of this engagement, students of AIMSR are entitled to witness first-hand the social and structural determinants of health that give them insightful experiences that profoundly help them in their path to global glory as competent practitioners.