Your pathway to global impact

As a pioneer in the field of medicine, re-imagining medicine by adopting global best practices has been the norm at Apollo Institute of Medical Sciences and Research, Hyderabad (AIMSR). This foundational belief unwaveringly drives us to propel highly competent creed of physician scientists to excel at the world stage.

The global synergies provided for at AIMSR attracts the brightest medical minds and presents them ample opportunities to further capitalize on their potential. As a healthcare professional, a postgraduate qualification enables you to take the next step in your career or progress into research. The academic rigour at AIMSR is a hallmark of global standards and benchmarking the institution has traditionally pursued giving the medical students since eon a distinct edge.

Academic excellence and scientific discovery are an integral part of the ethos at AIMSR. An internationally renowned community of scientists and physicians constitute the faculty base and are dedicated to the twin objective of advancing knowledge and fostering a culture of excellence in training the next generation of scientific leaders. Building on this tradition, the re-imagined innovative, interdisciplinary academic and research programs at AIMSR continue to pave the way for a future of new paradigms in cutting-edge science and enable garnering global recognitions for medical professionals.

It is a known fact that studying for a Master’s programme in medicine is no doubt intensive, albeit at AIMSR, the aim is to provide an ecosystem with world-class facilities and global best faculty to equip students with the skills and exposure to become a better clinician or researcher, giving them a competitive edge in their future pursuits in the field of world medicine. AIMSR offers postgraduate degrees in specialist subjects to build on the aspirant’s interests and provide a powerful complement to the existing medical training, including full-body clinical anatomy, pharmacology, health education and the like.

A vibrant intellectual environment and the significant research grants provided at AIMSR denotes the commitment towards sustaining the culture of research, with the ultimate goal of translating ground-breaking discoveries into medical therapies that eradicate disease and improve health care around the world.


Apollo Institute of Medical Sciences and Research, Hyderabad (AIMSR) is dedicated to the highest principles of liberal education and collaborative learning, with a varied global curriculum and competitive programs delivered by globally educated faculty and accomplished practitioners within an environment of world-class facilities and amenities with high integration into global health communities.

The PG program is academically challenging and intake into the program is competitive. The PG programs at AIMSR are affiliated by Kaloji Narayana Rao University of Health Sciences, Warangal (University PG Affiliation). The college strictly adheres to the KNR University Guidelines for admissions and fees are set in accordance with the GO.MS.NO. 20, Dated 14.04.2020.



As pioneers in the medical field, Apollo Institute of Medical Sciences and Research, Hyderabad (AIMSR) is inherently drawn to research and the possibilities of global impact in healthcare. Deploying the best pre-requisites in abundance to enable researchers to always keep the investigative streak vibrant has been the driving force behind the thriving research ecosystem at AIMSR.

At AIMSR, research scientists are encouraged to lead innovative clinical trials and research studies to improve global healthcare and are bestowed with the best mentorship, cutting-edge facilities, and remarkable funding, among the highest in the country. Researchers at AIMSR lead multi-speciality studies that test specific clinical approaches, evaluate the effectiveness of strategies and assumptions for the prevention and management of a wide range of diseases and conditions that concern global health.



Our students don’t have to wait to make an impact in health care. They start here.

At Apollo Medical College, we’re reimagining how physicians are trained. Our physician scientists are strong clinical thinkers, able to engage in understanding the broader issues surrounding medicine through inquiry. They have the skills to:

  • conduct and interpret research,
  • work well in multi-disciplinary teams,
  • teach, and
  • challenge and change assumptions for how we think about, contextualize and practice medicine within larger systems.