The academic programs of the Apollo Medical College are shaped to extensively reflect the overall goal of the institution – To serve people through world-class education, innovation in patient care, collaborative discoveries, and research.

Located in the bustling city of Hyderabad, Apollo Medical College is spread across 10 acres of land and is nestled in the Apollo Health City Campus. Knowing the importance of academic education and healthcare facility, our administrative and academic block is spread across 150,000 sq ft and an exclusive teaching hospital with 470 beds in a separate 160,000 sq ft facility.

The college has 13 different clinical departments and 9 pre- and para-clinical departments with an annual intake of 100 medical students. The college has 20 full-time professors and 18 associate professors. Our faculty are driven, committed, and dedicated to providing students with the best possible education. The Apollo Group has over 5000 consultant physicians and surgeons working under its wings with proven clinical and academic excellence on multiple occasions.

AMC aspires to foster world-class health care professionals who will serve as role models in mentoring and career development equipped with the confidence and the knowledge to succeed in the world of medicine. Ultimately, we are directed towards creating passionate medical professionals who are not only qualified to serve humanity but also highly employable.

CTA – SCHEDULE OF CLASSES FOR 1st MBBS STUDENTS 01.09.2019 to 31.08.2020 (1st MBBS Time table)

1st MBBS course Schedule for the year 2019-2020 (1st MBBS course Schedule)

At the Apollo Medical College, we deliver high-standard courses in most of the key areas of medicine to provide students with the proficiency and exposure needed for various healthcare career paths.

We offer both Undergraduate and Postgraduate programs with a wide range of course options.

Explore all the courses we offer before deciding on one. Maybe the most exciting course is something you never knew existed!

Find the best course for you.



We, at the Apollo Medical College, strive to provide exemplary education and patient care by having all our departments regulated and managed with expert faculties and curriculum that meets the international standards. We ensure that every pupil of the institution shines in their personal and professional front by providing evidence-based health care, cutting edge research, and resourceful clinical education.


Defining your career as a physician is an act only you can perform – and the innovative and supportive community at AMC will be the best place to make that choice. Education sifts from being teacher-directed to students – directed, encouraging graduates to develop strong lifelong learning habits.

The exponential increase in scientific knowledge translates to increased opportunities to prevent diseases and develop new therapies. It also means that medical students should not only build a strong understanding of medical knowledge as it stands today but also a firm foundation for lifelong learning.

We aim to develop and direct our student’s skills and passion so they can become outstanding clinicians who improve the health of the world’s people through research, innovation, clinical practice, and leadership. We enable each student to explore his/her potential as a student, scholar, clinician, and much more.

Incorporating all these, AMC has innovated & designed a curriculum (within the framework and guidelines of the MCI) which fully integrates primary education in the basic sciences and increase the time students spend investigating important areas such as epidemiology and ethics, social biological variation of culture, health care system in addition to a social foundation in basic health science knowledge and clinical skills. Also included in the program are leadership skills, professional developments, research, and emphasis on medical ethics.

The college is at the forefront in the use of specialized educational methods required for effective training including simulations. Simulated environments and scenarios are created that enable students to gain experience and skills before they encounter real patients.

The students at AMC are exposed early to a team approach. Our aim is to graduate students with attributes of professionalism, effective communication, amicable interpersonal skills, patient safety, and team building.

The curriculum integrates basic science and clinical experience with in-depth study and encourages independent research throughout their years in medical college.


Integration and collaborative learning are the need of the day in any field especially medical. At AMC, we approve of providing an integrative learning experience to the students by:

  • Streamlined content and optimized course structure
  • The melding of basic science and clinical concepts throughout the curriculum

Individual opportunities:

The college ensures to provide an atmosphere where the students get substantial opportunities for effective knowledge acquisition like:

  • Blocks of time for individual or group study and encouraging areas of research interest.
  • Paper Presentations by students in all subjects.
  • Paper presentations/projects by students in their areas of interest
  • Encourage students to get grants and work on projects from premier institutes etc.
  • Broad clinical science education with early exposure to patient care and practice of medicine, knowledge-based, case centric clinical.
  • Broader emphasis on doctor-patient communication, ethics, and the practice of medicine.



With a multifold enhancement of medical education, both teaching and learning have become more holistic basing itself on effective pedagogical principles. Not only learning curriculum and education methods have advanced but also the assessment procedures.

At the Apollo Medical College, we are committed to providing a comprehensive and robust assessment system that aids in testing all the aspects of medical education from academics to essential soft skills. We ensure that our assessments and evaluation process shower a powerful positive effect on the learners.

Apart from integrated examinations that help in assessing the students’ knowledge acquisition capabilities, our college also has regular progress tests throughout the learning stages that help the students to measure their knowledge levels and act towards self-improvement.

As a whole, we believe that a good and pressure-free assessment is the most crucial factor that contributes to a well-rounded medical education that produces a technically competent health care professional.


“Mentoring is a brain to pick, an ear to listen, and a push in the right direction.” – John Crosby

We take the decision of our students to choose us as their medical school very seriously. We believe it is our job to do everything we can to ensure their success and well- being – from tutoring to personal counseling – to be one of a kind mentoring opportunities.

At the Apollo Medical College, we strongly believe that mentoring is all about give and take, rather than just a one-way thing. We allow the students to take precedence while still taking their side to offer guidance in every way possible. We provide them with a holistic environment where they are mentored by a faculty team who are experienced healthcare professionals themselves.

For medical students, hearing a physician who serves as a mentor may be one of the most valuable resources on the path to becoming a doctor. The college recognizes the importance of mentoring its students and provides ample opportunities for building relationships between faculty and students.

The college advisor/mentor initiative pairs first-year medical students with a faculty member who can offer insight, encouragement, and discipline-specific learning opportunities.

Also, towards the end, during or after the first semester/orientation programs, students are invited to identify 3 clinical specialist areas that interest them with the mentor’s guidance. This information is then used to pair the students or groups of students with a specialist in one of the areas that they have indicated).

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