We focus on clinical training that redefines medical education. The Apollo clinical experience is an innovative experience for medical students to participate in clinical encounters that inform their vision as future physicians. Course goals include integration into the clinical setting with preceptors, development of concrete skills, and introduction to different career paths. This encounter includes three components: (1) clinical experiences, (2) interactive large group seminars, and (3) small group sessions for reflection of clinical sessions.

Our students and faculty pride themselves on their shared pursuit of clinical excellence, reveling in the joy and privilege of clinical interactions with the people for whom they care.

The apprentice physician gains clinical experience expanding their understanding of how health is interconnected.

Apollo’s clinical training emphasizes both the science of medicine, and the art of effective communication with patients. Under the watchful eyes of seasoned clinicians, our medical students begin learning how to take histories and examine patients within months of enrolling.

Students play an integral role in hands-on patient care, working in small groups with master clinicians, residents and fellows. World-renowned resources that help learners become their best selves include:

This experience calls students for early clinical immersion to help integrate their skills and knowledge in preparation for practice.

Clinical experience can facilitate the transition between student and professional, working physician. Students will experience what it’s actually like on the job, and are able to explore whether or not a given role aligns with their interests before committing to a specific medical focus or clinical setting.

To orient students into physician life and specialty choices, preceptorships provide insights into the life of a physician and potential career preferences.

Students develop comfort with clinical settings, one-on-one medical-skills training, feedback, active clinical experience, quality of clinical training, and learn to be part of a team. acculturation to teams. developing comfort with patients; basic clinical-skills training; promoting career interest in primary care and specialty understanding; encouraging active learning in preclinical settings; and reducing the shock of practice that some students experience as they enter clerkships.

As an Apollo College medical student, you will learn medicine at the bedside of one of the largest and most diverse patient populations in the country. You will come face to face with the full spectrum of medical issues, from the ordinary to the most rare and complex. The Apollo General Hospital, our main teaching hospital, acts as a safety net for the citizens of Telangana–serving the uninsured and underinsured. You will witness firsthand the social and structural determinants of health. Despite the size of the Medical Campus, clinical education occurs largely at patients’ bedsides and in one-on-one or small group settings. It’s the best of all circumstances: a broad base of patients and an intimate mentoring environment.