Radiology is the field of medicine that uses x-rays or other high-energy radiation and medical imaging studies, to diagnose and treat diseases in the human body. The department of radiology at The Apollo Medical College has experienced faculty who train our undergraduate and postgraduate students in accuracy in radiodiagnosis and impart comprehensive knowledge on all aspects of radiology.

The department of radiology at The Apollo Medical College and its tertiary care centers are well equipped with the latest imaging technologies, such as CT, MRI, PET Scans, and Proton Therapy. The department of radiology at The Apollo Medical College offers a postgraduate program which is one of the popular postgraduate courses.



The department of radiology at The Apollo Medical College has dedicated and experienced professors, tutors, guides, radiologists and radiology technicians to train the undergraduate and postgraduate students. Our faculty members actively engage with students in campus events, community health programs, conduct extensive seminars, and research projects.

  • Dr. Radha Kishan Rao. K Professor DOJ: 01.01.1970

  • Dr. V. Shalini Reddy Professor DOJ: 01.01.2017

  • Dr. Balaji Patel. K Associate ProfessorDOJ: 01.01.1970

  • Dr. Madiraju Vithaleshwar Rao Assistant ProfessorDOJ: 02.12.2016

  • Dr. K. Jitendar Reddy Assistant ProfessorDOJ: 01.01.1970

  • Dr. B. Sridhar Reddy Assistant ProfessorDOJ: 01.10.2012

  • Dr. Ravikanti Satya Prasad Assistant ProfessorDOJ: 12.12.2012

  • Dr. Archana Reddy Datta Assistant ProfessorDOJ: 10.01.2013

  • Dr. Gandluru Kavitha Assistant ProfessorDOJ: 10.01.2013

  • Dr. Padmaja Singireddy Assistant ProfessorDOJ: 10.11.2014

  • Dr. A. Swathi Senior ResidentDOJ: 09.05.2015

  • Dr. Harshini Reddy. K Senior ResidentDOJ: 06.01.2017


A discussion about a subject matter will teach you more about the issue at hand than just listening to it from a one-dimensional perspective. We believe in engaging our students in seminars, talks, webinars, and group discussions as a part of CME. The Apollo Medical College holds regular talks and seminars at the campus as well as other outside locations in view of our students to benefit from them. Best speakers are brought in with high knowledge on the subject matter and care is taken to ensure modern topics are regularly discussed. We encourage all students to actively participate in the same making this a positively reinforcing experience.

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