Providing for the maintenance of mental health and mental health-related disorders is a challenge on its own. In comparison to other streams of medical studies, psychiatry provides a special issue whereby the wound is not always physical. A great deal of patience, compassion, and empathy is required in this particular stream, not to forget the analytical and diagnostic ability of the medical student. Care is to be taken to be able to assess both the mental and physical aspects of psychological problems.


At the end of the course, we expect our student to be able to:

  • Achieve a better understanding of human behavior and its application in inpatient care.
  • Understanding the concept of motivation and its impact on human behavior and applicability in illness-related behavior.
  • Understand different types of emotions and their impact on the physical and mental health of the individual.
  • Define learning; comprehend different types of learning and conditioning. State methods of effective learning and demonstrate its application in treatment.
  • Understanding of different cognitive processes, comprehending memory process, and describing short term memory and differentiate with long term memory. 
  • List causes of forgetting or memory loss, and draw illustrate methods of improving memory.
  • Comprehending the concept of thinking and its application to health care.
  • Understanding the nature of intelligence, explaining the growth of intelligence, comparing the role of heredity and environment in intellectual development. 
  • Arrive at different methods of assessment of intelligence.
  • Define personality, list determinants of personality, understand different theories of personality, and learn methods of personality assessment.

Faculty List

  • Dr. Ashok Alimchandani Professor & HODDOJ: 28.11.2014

  • Dr. Sri Varshini Assistant ProfessorDOJ: 16.01.2014

  • Dr. Neha Mahendra Gala Senior ResidentDOJ: 04.08.2014

  • Dr. K. Vaidyanath Junior ResidentDOJ: 06.09.2016

  • Dr. Sai Kumar Junior ResidentDOJ: 01.03.2016

  • Dr. Naguru Emmanuel DOJ: 05.01.2017


A discussion about a subject matter will teach you more about the issue at hand than just listening to it from a one-dimensional perspective. We believe in engaging our students in seminars, talks, webinars, and group discussions as a part of CME. The Apollo Medical College holds regular talks and seminars at the campus as well as other outside locations in view of our students to benefit from them. Best speakers are brought in with high knowledge on the subject matter and care is taken to ensure modern topics are regularly discussed. We encourage all students to actively participate in the same making this a positively reinforcing experience.

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