Physiology is the field of medicine that includes the study of bodily functions at the cellular, organ, and systemic levels, as well as the influence of the external environment on the human body. The department of physiology at The Apollo Medical College provides undergraduate and postgraduate students with comprehensive knowledge of the normal functions of the human body.

Experienced faculty enable our undergraduate and postgraduate students to learn in detail about the normal human anatomical structures. The department of physiology offers a postgraduate program that is pursued by many physicians for lucrative careers in research or academics The department has spacious, well-equipped labs for hematology, including mammalian and amphibian dissection labs, which create a congenial learning environment for our students.


At the end of the academic session on physiology, the student shall be able to:

  • Develop a working knowledge and understanding of the functioning of the human body, at cellular, organ, and system levels.
  • Participate in various research activities in the field of physiology, through seminars, workshops, and publications.
  • Stay updated with the latest research in the field of physiology.



The department of physiology at The Apollo Medical College has experienced faculty comprising professors and tutors who enable the students to discover the various interactions at play within the human body. Our faculty members actively engage with students in campus events, community health programs, and research projects.


Hematology Lab

Equipped with modern and latest high-end microscopes, our Hematology labs provide our students to get higher quality videos and image captures enhancing their diagnostic accuracy.

List of equipment at the Hematology lab:

Microscopes 55
Computer connected Microscopes 1
Micro slides 1 box
Double Demonstration Eyepiece 3
Demonstration Eye Piece 3
Centrifuge 1
ESR Stands 35
ESR Pipettes 105
Haemoglobinometer 36
Haemocytometer 36
Incubator 1
Electric Sterilizer 2
Stopwatch 6
Test tubes 20
Watch Glasses 10 boxes
Refrigerator 1
Spill Kit 1
Weighing Scale 1

Clinical Lab

A highly reliable clinical lab is the steppingstone of a highly reliable test result and thus a correct diagnosis which is the basis of deciding the best course of treatment to be given to the patient.

List of equipment at the Clinical Lab:

Algometer 2
Arterial Canula 12
Ultimate Power Lab 1
Computer 1
Aneroid Sphygmomanometer 5
Biohazard Boxes 6
Bed Sheets 8
Bicycle Ergometer 3
Clinical Thermometers 22
Compassaesthesiometer 11
Demonstration Stethoscopes 2
Dynamometers 1
Douglas Bags 6
Clinical Examination Table 8
Mosses Ergofraph 5
First Aid Kit 2
Hygrometer 1
Ishihara Charts 2
Knee Hammer 24
Newton’s Colour Wheel 1
Oto Rhinolaryngoscope 2
Olfactometer 1
Ophthalmoscope 1
Perimeter 5
Phycoscope 1
Stethescopes 12
Sphygmomanometer 11
Respirometer 11
Stethograph 11
Schematic Eye 1
Tuning Forks 8
Thermaesthesiometer 10
Venous Canula &Ndash 12
Weight For Ergograph 5
Pillows 8

Research Lab

Research is key, for thorough understanding, for clearer results, and is the storehouse for big breakthroughs. The research lab at Apollo Medical College is equipped with the ultimate power lab in addition to other cutting-edge devices and we are aiming to make our lab a fully Automatic Function Lab.

List of equipment at the Research lab:

Ad Instrument 1
Computer 1
Anaeroid Sphygmomanometer 1
Bicycle Ergometer 1
Colorimeter 1
Mosses Ergograph 1
Hygrometer 1
Isolated Organ Bath 1
Kymograph with Drum 1
Otorhinolaryngoscope 1
Ophthalmoscope 1
O2 Cylinder 1
O2 Mask 1
O2 Regulator 1
Perimeter 1
Ph Meter 1
Respirometer 1
Thermometer 1
Treadmill 1
Dissecting Kit 1
Steel Tray 1
Enamel Bowl 1
Weight For Ergograph 1

Mammalian Lab

Being the basic pillar of life sciences, research is given utmost importance at Apollo Medical College. We have a fully equipped Mammalian lab, which helps students conduct researches in the latest medical breakthroughs.

List of equipment at the Mammalian lab: 



Animal Weighing Machine 1
Co2 Cylinder 2
Digital Balance 1
Enamel Bowl 5
Dissecting Kit 1
Isolated Organ Bath 9
Brodie’s kymograph 1
Kymograph 1
O2 Cylinder 5
O2 Mask 5
O2 Regulator 5
Operation Table 1
Saline Stand 1
Foot Step 1
Electric Sterilizer 1
Thermometers 9

Amphibian Lab

Important in understanding the key characteristics through physiology research and teaching, through experimentation, testing, and analysis on amphibians which in turn lead to better knowledge in humans.

List of equipment at the Amphibian lab:

Ad Instruments 8
All Glass Distillation Apparatus 1
Burette Clamp 6
Brass Upright 6
Computers 9
Fuming Out Fit 1
Electrical Wire 6
Electric Stimulator 1
Electrodes 6
Copper Wire 6
Enamel Tray 4
Electric Recording Drum 4
Filter Berkert 1
Instrument Trolly 1
Kymograph Papers 6
Mary’s Tambour 20
Pasteur’s Chamber 1
Still Distillation Apparatus 2
Varnishing Outfit 1
Volume Recorder 6
X-Block Standard 6
X-Block Openside 6
Projector 1


A discussion about a subject matter will teach you more about the issue at hand than just listening to it from a one-dimensional perspective. We believe in engaging our students in seminars, talks, webinars and group discussions as a part of CME. The Physiology Department at Apollo Medical College hold regular talks and seminars at the campus as well as other outside locations in view of our students to benefit from them. Best speakers are brought in with high knowledge on the subject matter and care is taken to ensure modern topics are regularly discussed. We encourage all students to actively participate in the same making this a positively reinforcing experience.

Publications, Awards & Achievements

Studies published under the name of our faculty members in different journals are listed below:

Dr. C. Mrudula Professor



  1. A study on the adverse effects of formaldehyde on the staff of anatomy departments working in various medical colleges Vol 1/ Issue 4 / October 2012,559-564 ,Journal of Evolution of Medical and Dental Sciences, ISSN NO – 2278-4748 ;Krishnaiah M, Mrudula C.
  2. Aortic orifice measurement – cadaveric and echocardiographic study Vo 3/Issue 4/October -December 2012 ,914-920, Research Journal of Pharmaceutical, Biological and Chemical Sciences,ISSN NO -0975-8585 ; Impact factor- 0.35


  1. Can the dead teach the living ?-Cadaveric dissection in medical curriculum Vol 4/Issue 4/Jul-August 2013,100-104; National journal of integrated research in medicine; ISSN NO – 2230 – 9969; Impact factor- 2.507; Mrudula Chandrupatla, Krishnaih Muunnanuri
  2. Sirenomelia – The Mermaid Syndrome : A case report Vol 7/Issue 6/May -June 2013, 1-4;International organization of scientific research journal; ISSN NO – 2278-3008; Naveena .S, Mrudula C.
  3. Horse shoe kidney: a case report; Vol 1/Issue 3/ August 2013,304-307; International Journal of Research in Medical Sciences ;ISSN NO – 2320-6071; Naveena .S, Mrudula C
  4. Morphometry Of Sacral Hiatus And Its Clinical Relevance; Vol 1/Issue 7/ July 2013,11-18; International journal of advance research; ISSN NO – 2320-5407; Impact factor- 5.336; Mrudula C , Naveena S


  1. Sacralization of fifth lumbar vertebra ; Vol. 5, Issue 6, June, 2014, 1159-1160 International Journal of Recent Scientific Research ; ISSN NO – 0976-3031; Impact factor- 5.971; Naveena .S, Mrudula C.
  2. Mayer-Rokintansky-Kuster-Hauser Syndrome: A Case Report Vol 5/Issue 4/July 2014,943-946 ; Research Journal of Pharmaceutical, Biological and Chemical Sciences ; ISSN NO – 0975-8585; Impact factor- 0.35; Naveena S, Aruna jyothi, Saju B, Chandrupatla M and Shabana Sultana
  3. Non rotation of Gut – A Case Report ;Vol 3: Issue 4, Oct 2014 , 340-343 International Journal of Medical and Health Sciences; ISSN NO – 2277-4505; Impact factor- 3.51 ; Mrudula Chandrupatla, Naveena Swargam
  4. Anencephaly- A case report Vol 2; Issue 7, Oct 2014,255-257, International journal of scientific study ;ISSN NO –2321-6379; Impact factor- 2.605; Dr. Mrudula Chandrupatla, Dr.. Naveena swargam
  5. Effect of cyclophosphamide on Neural Tube Development in Chick Embryos; Vol 5; Issue 06 ,Jun 2014,238-240 ; International Journal of Pharma Sciences and Research ; ISSN NO – 2320-5148; Impact factor- 2.60; shabana sultana, mrudula chandrupatla, naveena swargam,Aruna jyothi


1. Effect of sodium valproate on Neural Tube Development in Chick Embryos Vol 4;Issue 1,Jan 2015,15-18 ; International journal of research in pharmacology and pharmacotherapeutics ; ISSN NO – 2278-2648; MA Doshi,Shabana sultana, N Jayasree,Aruna jyothi,Mrudula C

2. Patent Foramen Ovale: A Cadaveric Observational Study, Vol.5; Issue: 2; February 2015,387-389 ; International Journal of Health Sciences and Research ; ISSN NO – 2249-9571; Impact factor- 3.624, Naveena .S, Mrudula C

3. Elongation of left lobe of liver ; Vol 3;Issue 2; April 2015, 152-156, International journal of allied medical sciences and clinical research; ISSN NO –2347-6567; shabana sultana, mrudula c, naveens s, aruna jyothi, nitya whagray

4. Osteoarthritis of knee joint , Vol 3; Issue 2; June 2015,248-252, International journal of allied medical sciences and clinical research; ISSN NO –2347-6567; Dr. Mrudula Chandrupatla, Dr.. Naveena swargam

5. Comparative study of estimation of stature using femur length and humerus length: an anthropometric study; Vol 5; Issue 10; August 2015,865-867; Journal of science; ISSN NO –2277-3282; Impact factor- 4.67; Dr. Mrudula Chandrupatla, Dr.. Naveena swargam


1. Effect of cyclophosphamide in histological features of cerebellum in chick embryo; Vol 4; Issue 2; June 2016 ,256-259; International Journal of Allied Medical Sciences and Clinical Research ; ISSN NO –2347-6567; MA Doshi,Shabana sultana, N Jayasree, Mrudula C, Aruna jyothi

2. An anatomical variation in the origin of biceps brachii muscle,Vol 3 ; Issue 3; June 2016 , 313-316, Medico research chronicles; ISSN NO – 2394-3971; Dr. Mrudula Chandrupatla, Dr.Shabana Sultana

3. Cervical Rib – A case report; Vol 7 ; Issue 7;July 2016 ,12599-12601 International journal of recent scientific research; ISSN NO – 0967-3031; Impact factor- 5.971; Mrudula Chandrupatla and Shabana Sultana

4. Effect of Cyclophosphamide in Histological Features of Cerebrum in Chick   Embryos; Vol 1; Issue 9 ,Nov 2016, 399-401,International journal of innovative research in medical science; ISSN NO – 2455-8737; Impact factor- 0.18 ; MA Doshi,Shabana sultana, N Jayasree, Mrudula C

5. Effect of sodium valproate in histological features of cerebellum in chick embryos; Vol. 5, Issue 12; Dec, 2016;380-387;Journal of Medical Pharmaceutical And Allied Sciences;ISSN NO. 2320 – 7418; Impact factor- 4.262; MA Doshi,Shabana sultana, N Jayasree, Mrudula C

6. Effect of sodium valproate in histological features of cerebrum in chick embryos Vol. 03, Issue 12; Dec, 2016;3391-3394 ;International Journal of Information Research and Review; MA Doshi,Shabana sultana, N Jayasree, Mrudula C

Dr. Saju B. Cherian Associate Professor


1. NAYAK, B. S.; MISHRA, S.; GEORGE, B. M.; CHERIAN, S. B. & SHETTY, S. D. (2013).Unusual branches of femoral artery in the femoral triangle – A case report. Int. J. Morphol., 31(3):819-821, 2013.


1. Naveena S*, Aruna jyothi, Saju B, Chandrupatla M and Shabana Sultana. Mayer-Rokintansky-Kuster-Hauser Syndrome: A Case Report.( 2014) RJPBCS. 5(4): 943- 46.

2. Saju Binu Cherian, Aruna Jyothi Gandhalam ( 2014). Abnormal position of descending colon with right- sided sigmoid colon and its clinical significance, APME 11(3) 227-229

3. Cherian SB, Gandhalam AJ. Rectus sternalis muscle: An anatomical variant of anterior chest wall. (2014) OA Anatomy Jun 10; 2(2):16.


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2. Cherian SB, et al. Ascending aortic aneurysm and its clinical significance: A case report (2015) Apollo Med. 12(3) 229-231

3. Aruna Jyothi. Nithya Waghray , Saju Binu Cherian, Shabana Sultana(2015) . Male form of Persistent Mullerian Duct – A case report. Int. J of Allied Med. Sci. and Clin. Research 3(3) 280-284


1. Saju BC, Bairy KL,Muddanna SR (2016). Effects of chronic prenatal stress on motor coordination in postweaned male and female wistar rats. Int. J of Med. Sci. and Clin. Research, 4(2): 289-294

Dr. Shabana Sultana Tutor


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Department Library

“It is said that Paradise will be a kind of library.”

Even in the age of technology and information is available on your fingertips through the world wide web, the power of reading and researching from books and published articles still stand their place, proving how important a collection of well-crafted and curated books are.

The library at the Physiology department is a place where minds come to read more, understand more, and research more about various subjects. We pride ourselves in having a well-thought set of published articles of our mentors and alumni, in addition to world-renowned writers’ articles and works. All research material available at the library is for the use of students to further enhance their knowledge and feed their curiosity on the subject.

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