Since its inception about 2 years back, the Obstetrics and Gynecology Department of AMC operates with a benevolent intention of making a positive difference in women’s health through world-class patient care and providing academic excellence to the aspiring students. Other than providing complete obstetrical care and general gynecology, the department also specializes in important areas of infertility, cancer screening, and Family welfare. Community services

are being provided with regular health camps conducted in the rural health center with a campaign for anemia prevention and early detection of cancer throughout the year.

We Endeavour to teach our undergraduate medical students the basic skills of obstetrics & gynecology in a more efficient and holistic means with a well structured and comprehensive curriculum, backed by experienced faculty. Our objective is to facilitate every student pursuing the graduation program to be able to learn and imbibe all the basic aspects of obstetrics and gynecology through research-oriented means under the guidance of able faculty members.


The broad objectives of the department are that, at the end of the course, the student shall be able to:

  • Make a diagnosis and organize management of antenatal, intranatal, and postnatal periods of normal and abnormal pregnancy.
  • Provide adequate care and manage common gynecological problems and emergencies.
  • Provide counseling and delivery of fertility regulation methods.
  • Acquire knowledge of methods of termination of pregnancy.
  • Apply knowledge of vital statistics in obstetrics and RCH program.
  • Develop proper communication skills to explain and convey issues and treatment plans to the patients and their caretakers.


  • Clinical and practical skills in obstetrics and gynaecology
  • Develop good communication skills to collect medical history
  • Provide patient education on hygiene and self-care
  • Practice safe surgical techniques in a structured environment
  • Monitor/assess the patients to choose the best treatment
  • Impart health advice to patients from across all walks of life and ages.
  • Demonstrate key skills in maternal healthcare

Faculty List

The department of Obstetrics and Gynecology is composed of well experienced and excellent faculty members who are committed to imparting a holistic medical knowledge to the students by taking the medicinal education from bench to the bedside, thus exposing them to real-world scenarios.

  • Dr. M. Krishna Kumari Professor DOJ: 04.01.2012

  • Dr. K. Meera Associate ProfessorDOJ: 01.06.2013

  • Dr. Pitta Andalu Associate ProfessorDOJ: 15.05.2013

  • Dr. Nisha Bhatia Associate ProfessorDOJ: 11.04.2011

  • Dr. D. Anita Assistant ProfessorDOJ: 01.07.2013

  • Dr. Sharda Rakesh Sharma Assistant Professor/WMODOJ: 10.03.2014

  • Dr. Swapna Lekkala Assistant ProfessorDOJ: 26.08.2013

  • Dr. Siboni Rout Senior ResidentDOJ: 03.09.2015

  • Dr. Fozia Jeelani Wani Assistant Professor/ANMODOJ: 01.12.2015

  • Dr. Prameela Sekhar Assistant Professor/ANMODOJ: 01.10.2013

  • Dr. P. Swetha Assistant Professor/WMODOJ: 11.09.2014

  • Dr. Rafiya Fatima Junior ResidentDOJ: 24.09.2016

  • Dr. Aitha Sravani Junior ResidentDOJ: 14.11.2016

  • Dr. E. Lavanya Bai Junior ResidentDOJ: 19.12.2016

  • Dr. Mona Bilandani Junior ResidentDOJ: 03.02.2017


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