dr. pavani gandham


  • Education


    UG Qualification:


    PG Qualification:


    Any Other Qualification:

    • Certificate course – Basic course in biomedical Research -2021
    • Certificate course in Hospital Infection control -2020, from JIPMER, Pondichery.
    • Advanced course in medical education – 2019 from JNMC Belgavi
    • Certificate course in “ Quality Management systems and Internal Audit in Medical Labs” at Chennai in 2014 conducted by HELP.
    • Certificate course in Hospital Infection control -2013, from Care Hospitals, nampally, Hyderabad
    • Certificate course in Ultrasound & Doppler– 2002 from mediscan systems, Chennai
  • Experience


    18 Years

    • Tutor : 2005-2008 -Gandhi Medical College
    • Assistant Professor : 2008 -2012 – Mediciti Institute of Medical Sciences
    • Associate Professor : 2012 -2013 – Mediciti Institute of Medical Sciences     2013 – 2017 – Apollo Medical College
    • Professor: Apollo Medical College -2017 – till date

  • Key Publication


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