A dedicated Research Committee is developed in the Apollo Medical College in order to have a clear notion of the research protocols to be followed by the students and the faculties. The research committee is obliged to offer a dependable assessment and approval to the proposed research activities on time ensuring all the processes involved are in accordance with established medical standards. The members of the committee are deemed to investigate the various factors of the research proposition such that it meets all the ethical standards and is technically sound.



Dr. Dilip Mathai

Chairman - Dean
Landline No: 040-23285133
Email: [email protected]

Dr.Sai Ram Challa


Dr. Saju Binu Cherian


Dr. Balakrishna

Convener - Statistician - Professor

Dr. B. Ranganatha Reddy

Medical Superintendent

Dr.Vasundara Tulasi

Principal - Nursing college

Dr. HanahRajasekhar

Principal - Physiotherapy

Dr. M. Raghavendra Rao

Scientist Emeritus

Dr. M.V.Sashidhar Senior Scientist


Dr. B. Ram Reddy

Prof &HoD - Physiology

Dr. S. Manick Dass

Prof &HoD- Microbiology

Dr. G. Vinod Kumar

Prof &HoD - ENT

Dr. L. Sridhar

Prof &HoD – Gen. Surgery

Dr. Krishna Kumari

Professor - OBGYN

Dr. D.V.KrishnaVeni

Professor – Biochemistry

Dr. Uma Unni Krishnan

Assoc. Prof – Biochemistry

Dr. Ayesha Juhi

Assoc. Prof – Physiology

Dr. P. Dorababu

Assoc. Prof - Pharmacology

Dr. Tina Priscilla

Assoc. Prof - Dermatology

Dr. Pavani Varma

Asst. Prof – Community Medicine

Ms. Aparna Reddy

Landline: 040-23285021
Email: [email protected]
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