There are 11 Pre-clinical and Para-clinical departments with an overall human resource strength of about 190 staff, with fully functional laboratories for research. An animal house and all relevant labs, capable of basic biomedical sciences and research are available for the exclusive use and benefits of our students and staff. Our current researches focus on adult immunizations, the study of Antimicrobial Resistances, and Laboratory Diagnostics to influence national health policy, among others.

Our faculty are members of renowned research committees such as ICMR, NACO, and Indo- US Granting Agency. With experience and involved interest in fields of research such as genomics, HIV care, TB, and other infectious diseases, our faculty are deeply committed to the research sphere of Apollo Medical College. Faculty further guide students in writing their thesis reports. Faculty promotions are taken based on paper publications and grants availed. We use integrated computer technology from the backend to the point of care to maintain patient records for communication and research.

The Community Outreach Services of the Department of Community Health and College of Nursing provide an opportunity to deliver health care at homes and promotion of health through community education. It is supported by the various Apollo’s Charitable and Educational Research Foundations – Dr. Prathap C. Reddy Educational Foundation, Apollo Foundation for Education, etc.

These programs plan to support a longitudinal study of a cohort of people with non-communicable diseases, provide safe motherhood programs, and reduce infant mortality. In some of the districts in Telangana, this exceeds the national average. This is being proposed in partnership with the State government and the National Health Ministry.

  • Pharmaco Genomics of Anti- Cancer drugs – Dr. Dorababu Pharm Dept
  • Heart rate, BP, Pulse variability studies – Dr. Ram Reddy, Dr. Ravi Shankar, Ms. Nikita (Physiology department) + Cardiology Department (Apollo Main Hospital)
  • HIV/HPV study (NIH/ICMR funded) – Dr. Dilip Mathai with Tata Memorial Hospital (Mumbai), UCSF(San Francisco)and Rajiv Gandhi Center for Biotechnology
  • Pharmacovigilance studies (ICMR guided) – Dr. Sumana Sen, Dr. Dilip Mathai
  • ICMR Antibiotic Stewardship Committee – Dr. Dilip Mathai (National Chair)
  • Pneumomapping (Strep Pneumoniae Immunization program in Adults, seven center study funded by Pfizer) – Dr. Dilip Mathai /Dr. Anand Manoharan Dept of Microbiology
  • Animal model of infections for the study of Beta-Lactam/Beta-Lactam Inhibitor combination effect on skin soft tissue infections, with Radboud University Neimegen – Pharm Dept / Dr. Dilip Mathai
  • CME & WORKSHOP on Value of Perinatal Fetal Autopsy in Jan’14 – Dr. Aruna Jyothi
  • Awareness Campaign on Body Donation after death to further medical education & research – “Pledging” Dr. Aruna Jyothi
  • ASSOCIATION OF VITAMIN B12 & FOLIC ACID IN PREGNANT WOMEN WITH HYPOTHYROIDISM – Ph.D. topic- is being done by Mrs. Srilatha Bashetti, in the Department Of Biochemistry, Apollo Medical College (Registered August-2012)
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