S.NoProject TitleDepartmentPrincipal Investigator & DesignationCo-Investigators and Department
01Small Dense Low-Density Lipoprotein (SdLDL) levels in subclinical hypothyroidism associated with risk of developing atherosclerosisPhysiologyDr. Ayesha Juhi, Assistant Professor Dr. Rakesh Sahay
02Perception of students and faculty regarding problem based learning (PBL) in a private medical collegePhysiologyDr. Malini DuttaDr. Deepti Kadeangadi – Guide
03Approach towards research among the medical undergraduate studying in Apollo Institute of Medical Sciences and researchPhysiologyDr. Ayesha Juhi
04Status of oxidative stress markers in type 2 diabetes mellitus patients with vitamin D deficiencyPhysiologyDr. Ayesha Juhi
05Evaluation of blended teaching technique versus conventional teaching method of physical examination skills of abdominal systemPhysiologyDr. Ayesha JuhiDr. Malini Dutta, Dr. Aditya, Physiology, Dr. Mrudula, Dr. Archana, Anatomy

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