S.NoProject TitleDepartmentPrincipal Investigator & DesignationCo-Investigators and Department
Meibomian Gland ProbingOphthalmologyDr. Nirupama, Senior Resident Dr. B. Hymavathi- Dept of Ophthalmology
Survey on Ocular Diseases in School Children in West HyderabadOphthalmologyDr. B. Hymavathi, Assistant Professor Dr. D. Nirupama & Dr. T. Sanjay Reddy
To study the prevalence of DRY EYE DISEASE among medical students and its association with VDT useOphthalmologyDr. L. Pratima, Senior Resident Dr.L.Prathima , Dr.T.Sanjay Reddy, Dr.G.Satyanarayana Reddy, Dr.D.Nirupama, Dr.B.Hymavathi- Department of Ophthalmology
Open labelled study of Combined Moxifloxacin /Dexamethasone eye drops for Topical Prophylaxis in postoperative cataract surgery patients.OphthalmologyDr. Nirupama, Assistant Professor
Visual Acuity change in PregnancyOphthalmologyDr. B. Hymavathi, Assistant Professor Dr . Nirupama. D Dr . Prathima. L Dr .T. Sanjay Reddy Dr. G .Satyanarayana Reddy – Department of Ophthalmology Dr. M. Krishna kumari Dr. Nisha Bhatia – Department of OBGYN
Study On Spectrum Of Ocular Flora And Their Antibiotic Susceptibility In Normal Eyes Vs Patients With Meibomian Gland DysfunctionOphthalmologyDr. D. Nirupama, Assistant Professor,Dr. M. Anuradha, Professor Dr. T. Sanjay Reddy – COPI Dr. G. Satyanarayana Reddy, Dr. B. Hymavathi, Dr. L. Prathima – Department of Ophthalmology Dr. Manick Dass, Dr. Pavani, Mr. Kareem – Department of Microbiology

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