Medical Education Unit

The Apollo Medical Education Unit is the organizational structure housing education programs that lead to the MBBS and MD degrees. They are responsible for all aspects of the educational program, from admission to graduation, including oversight, development and management of the undergraduate and postgraduate curriculum, student services and support, educational quality improvement, educational space planning and development, and development and review of educational policies.

The major role of Apollo’s MEU in the teaching aspect of their function is to help equip the teaching staff with the necessary abilities to undertake effectively their roles as medical teachers. Teaching areas vary according to need. It ranges from teaching and learning, medical student assessment and selection, curriculum development and evaluation, course design, research in medical education, instructional material design, and e-learning.

Apollo also takes responsibility for running continuing medical education (CME) activities, conferences, workshops on evidence-based medicine and running the clinical skills laboratory. A wide range of instructional methods are used such as lectures, small-group discussions, interactive exercises, simulations, video reviews of performance.

Our MEU service areas include: service on committees and task forces; consultancies to educational providers; curriculum development, planning and administration, for example, assistance in defining objectives and curriculum organisation; assessment and evaluation, for instance, curriculum and programme evaluation, test administration and scoring, developing and maintaining examination databanks. Apollo engages in educational support services, like laboratory administration, computer support, standardised patient programme administration, clinical skills laboratory administration and preparation of teaching material. Data analysis and statistical support, undergraduate and graduate student selection and admission to the medical programme and coordination of clinical elective placements are activities that the MEU partakes in. They also host mentoring and student counselling and other services such as media production, printing, copying, medical illustrations and graphics production. Through a multifaceted system, Apollo’s MEU enriches the educational experience of our physician scientists.

Dr. Dilip MathaiDean – Professor, General Medicine
Dr. Malini DuttaCoordinator – Professor , Physiology
Dr. Sumana SenMember – Prof &HoD, Pharmacology
Dr. L.Sridhar ReddyMember – Prof. &HoD, Gen. Surgery
Dr.G.PavaniMember – Professor, Microbiology
Dr.SajuBinu CherianMember – Assoc. Prof, Anatomy
Dr.AyeshaJuhiMember – Assoc. Prof , Physiology
Dr. Prapthi PersisMember – Assoc. Prof , Pharmacology
Dr. VinilaBelum ReddyMember – Assoc. Prof , Pathology
Dr. DinakarMallamMember – Assoc. Prof, Forensic Medicine
Dr.Nisha BhatiaMember – Assoc. Prof, OBGYN
Dr. Tina PriscillaMember – Assoc. Prof, Dermatology

Dr. Dilip Mathai

Chairman - Dean
Landline No: 040-23285133
Email: [email protected]
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