College Committee

Library Committee

With an extensive central library and about 8 department libraries actively supporting in teaching and research activities of the students and the faculties, the institution’s Library Committee is obliged to make policies for the running of the library and play a predominant role in developing and managing the library activities as per the established rules and standards. They are also responsible for finalizing and approving the books, magazines, and journals to be purchased regardless of physical prints or electronic means.


Dr. Neetha Mathur Assoc. Prof – Community DOJ: 01.01.1970


Dr. Anitha Dasari Assoc. Prof – AnatomyDOJ: 01.01.1970


Ms. Aparna Reddy DOJ: 01.01.1970

Mr.Raghunandan Reddy CAO LibrarianDOJ: 01.01.1970

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