College Committee

Infection control Committee

The institution comprises of the Infection Control Committee that focuses on prevention and control of nosocomial infections which may be caused inside a healthcare facility. The most important components of this committee include basic precautionary measures in and around the campus along with the education and training for the health care workers of the institution. The committee also ensures that the hazardous areas in the institution including the patient care facilities are monitored and risks are minimized by routine aseptic processes and secure waste management techniques. The committee works hard to protect the health of students, faculties, patients, and others in the healthcare environment by preventing and controlling the possible infections in the campus.


Dr. A. Venkat Reddy Superintendent MedicalDOJ: 01.01.1970


Mrs. Lakshmi Administration Nursing DOJ: 01.01.1970


Ms. Kranthi PBS Superintendent OT In chargeDOJ: 01.01.1970

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