Pharmacology deals with all aspects of drug therapy and its impact on humans and the environment, including drug interactions, side effects, and prescription writing. The department of pharmacology at the Apollo Medical College trains the 2nd year MBBS students in pharmacology and pharmacotherapeutics.

The curriculum includes practical sessions in clinical pharmacology and experimental pharmacology with tutorials, seminars, and research activities.


At the end of the academic session on pharmacology, the student shall be able to:

  • Acquire a comprehensive knowledge of clinical pharmacology and pharmacokinetics.
  • List the rationales for drug selection and optimum drug therapy.
  • Assess the therapeutic safety and efficacy of commonly used drugs.
  • Apply their knowledge of pharmacovigilance to detect and report adverse drug reactions.



The department of pharmacology at The Apollo Medical College has a team of dedicated and highly experienced professors, tutors, and research scholars to train the 2nd year MBBS students in clinical pharmacology. Our faculty members actively engage with students in campus events, community health programs, and research projects.

Pharmacology Central Animal House

With Experimental Pharmacology emerging as a most important field in medicine due to its role in validating the safety of any drug formulated, the institute’s Pharmacology department has a fully operating registered Central Animal House facility. The well-equipped Central Animal house works under the supervision of qualified personnel with facilities for animals in par with the CPCSEA (Committee for the Purpose of Control and Supervision of Experiments on Animals) Guidelines. The college also has constituted an exclusive animal ethics committee to look after the ethical aspects and the functioning of the central animal house.



Pharmacology students have an unparalleled advantage with fully equipped laboratories that provide the resources for practical training in experimental pharmacology and clinical pharmacology. There are two main laboratories for clinical and experimental Pharmacology. Latest equipment are provided to impart the best possible for MBBS students.

Clinical Pharmacology Lab

The clinical pharmacology unit in the department is dedicated to supporting clinical research by developing and validating world-class quantitative assays and aid in providing exemplary clinical care. It provides practical training in bedside diagnosis and treatment. The lab has a capacity to accommodate 100 students with state-of-the-art facilities to train students and conduct clinical research.

Research Lab

The Apollo Medical College encourages research activities covering many areas of Pharmacology in finding the interaction between chemical substances used in the pharma industry and the biological systems aided by the expert faculties of the department.

The department maintains an exceptional laboratory facility accessible for all kinds of research and training activities by the students and the faculty members. The research laboratory is equipped with a colorimeter, a flame photometer, physiographs, a pH meter, Analgesiometer, convulsiometer, actophotometer, spectrophotometer, calorimeter, rotarod, double organ bath, histamine chamber, etc.

Experimental Pharmacology Lab

The experimental pharmacology laboratory is focused on carrying out experiments for scrutinizing the drug effects in the biological systems. It is intended for planning and validating studies through data, information, and facts for the advancement of the drug and therapeutic industry. The lab is provided with instruments to do various animal experiments. It can accommodate 100 students.

Department also uses computer-assisted learning as a replacement for animal experiments for undergraduate students which are considered effective in the testing of drugs.

Pharmacovigilance Center

The Adverse Drug Reaction Monitoring Centre, under the Pharmacovigilance Programme of India (PvPI), started functioning in the department from 2013. The center works with a motive to monitor and identify any adverse reactions caused by drugs to

protect the health of the patients. The center also works towards creating awareness among future health professionals on the significance of drug safety monitoring and understanding the risk profile of medicines.


Keeping in mind, the fast-evolving science of Pharmacology, the department has a museum that is equipped with drug samples, charts, crude drug samples, herb specimens, instruments (relevant), and simulators. The museum serves as a resourceful tool for letting the students observe and improve their knowledge of various specimens and dosage forms with easy visibility and access.

The museum is rendered with:

  • Specimens of drug samples and charts are arranged system-wise
  • History of Pharmacology depicted in a series of laminated charts
  • 100 drug catalogs with detail drug information


The college strongly believes that CME and other forms of seminars are important for the students to prosper as quality health care providers. It gives an opportunity for them to understand and improve patient care and medical knowledge with effective management of their career at a steady pace.

Publications, Awards & Achievements

Studies published under the name of our faculty members in different journals are listed below:

Dr. C. Mrudula Professor



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  2. Aortic orifice measurement – cadaveric and echocardiographic study Vo 3/Issue 4/October -December 2012 ,914-920, Research Journal of Pharmaceutical, Biological and Chemical Sciences,ISSN NO -0975-8585 ; Impact factor- 0.35

  1. Can the dead teach the living ?-Cadaveric dissection in medical curriculum Vol 4/Issue 4/Jul-August 2013,100-104; National journal of integrated research in medicine; ISSN NO – 2230 – 9969; Impact factor- 2.507; Mrudula Chandrupatla, Krishnaih Muunnanuri
  2. Sirenomelia – The Mermaid Syndrome : A case report Vol 7/Issue 6/May -June 2013, 1-4;International organization of scientific research journal; ISSN NO – 2278-3008; Naveena .S, Mrudula C.
  3. Horse shoe kidney: a case report; Vol 1/Issue 3/ August 2013,304-307; International Journal of Research in Medical Sciences ;ISSN NO – 2320-6071; Naveena .S, Mrudula C
  4. Morphometry Of Sacral Hiatus And Its Clinical Relevance; Vol 1/Issue 7/ July 2013,11-18; International journal of advance research; ISSN NO – 2320-5407; Impact factor- 5.336; Mrudula C , Naveena S


  1. Sacralization of fifth lumbar vertebra ; Vol. 5, Issue 6, June, 2014, 1159-1160 International Journal of Recent Scientific Research ; ISSN NO – 0976-3031; Impact factor- 5.971; Naveena .S, Mrudula C.
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1. Effect of sodium valproate on Neural Tube Development in Chick Embryos Vol 4;Issue 1,Jan 2015,15-18 ; International journal of research in pharmacology and pharmacotherapeutics ; ISSN NO – 2278-2648; MA Doshi,Shabana sultana, N Jayasree,Aruna jyothi,Mrudula C

2. Patent Foramen Ovale: A Cadaveric Observational Study, Vol.5; Issue: 2; February 2015,387-389 ; International Journal of Health Sciences and Research ; ISSN NO – 2249-9571; Impact factor- 3.624, Naveena .S, Mrudula C

3. Elongation of left lobe of liver ; Vol 3;Issue 2; April 2015, 152-156, International journal of allied medical sciences and clinical research; ISSN NO –2347-6567; shabana sultana, mrudula c, naveens s, aruna jyothi, nitya whagray

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1. Effect of cyclophosphamide in histological features of cerebellum in chick embryo; Vol 4; Issue 2; June 2016 ,256-259; International Journal of Allied Medical Sciences and Clinical Research ; ISSN NO –2347-6567; MA Doshi,Shabana sultana, N Jayasree, Mrudula C, Aruna jyothi

2. An anatomical variation in the origin of biceps brachii muscle,Vol 3 ; Issue 3; June 2016 , 313-316, Medico research chronicles; ISSN NO – 2394-3971; Dr. Mrudula Chandrupatla, Dr.Shabana Sultana

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Dr. Saju B. Cherian Associate Professor

2013:1. NAYAK, B. S.; MISHRA, S.; GEORGE, B. M.; CHERIAN, S. B. & SHETTY, S. D. (2013).Unusual branches of femoral artery in the femoral triangle – A case report. Int. J. Morphol., 31(3):819-821, 2013.


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Dr. Shabana Sultana Tutor


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Pharmacology Library

The department has a library which is a rich source of knowledge for the students and comprises a total of 80 books. The library has various books on pharmacology, clinical pharmacology, experimental pharmacology, pharmacy, pharmacognosy, statistics, and allied subjects.

List of Journals

Indian Journal of Pharmacology

Indian Journal of Physiology & Pharmacology

Journal of Pharmacology and Pharmacotherapeutics

Access to e-learning with a drug database



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