TApollo Medical College has a specialized and full functional Department of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery also called the ENT department at its premises. One of the most promising specialties in the field medicine, associated with the management and treatment of medical conditions associated with the head and neck, also encompasses diseases of the nose, ear, throat, base of the skull, facial plastic surgery and treatment of certain cancers and tumors as well with higher specialties.

Equipped with examination rooms, audiometry room, minor theatre and demo room for purpose of students, the Department of Otorhinolaryngology & HNS is functioning as per MCI norms with highly qualified faculty, we are one of the best facilities to educate our students in this field of medicine.


We strive to ensure our students turn to the world as qualified and successful medical practitioners. At the end of the course, we wish to achieve the following objectives-

  • Early detection of deafness in children aged less than 2 years, to enable proper treatment that can be started at an early age for the best interest of the child.
  • Early detection of cancer and tumors in the related field to have a proper and more directional treatment plan.
  • To conduct health camps for school children, to understand and detect any symptoms at an early age to offer earlier treatment.
  • To encourage our faculty to do research and to practice evidence-based medicine and publish papers
  • To promote active participation in conferences and seminars, etc.
  • To conduct workshops and C.M.E. programs.
  • To conduct live surgeries and enable students to learn from practical exposure.

We are also looking to start a Post Graduate course in this field at the earliest. We are also working to start a temporal bone dissection lab and endoscopy room for the benefit of our students.


Continued medical education in form of seminars, research talks, etc. are taken seriously to ensure equal opportunity and exposure is given to all students to update themselves with the recent happenings in this field of study.

Few of the ongoing and exceptional researches are mentioned below-

  • Monthly meetings by A.O.I Hyderabad branch conducted at Government ENT Hospital, Hyderabad
  • Orations conducted by the AOI Hyderabad branch and State branch.
  • Monthly meetings conducted by IMA, North branch, Hyderabad.
  • Live surgical workshop on sleep apnea and snoring conducted by Mediciti Hospital, Hyderabad on December 8th and 9th 2012.
  • Live surgical workshop on Rhinoplasty, facial plastics, and oral submucous fibrosis conducted at Govt. ENT Hospital, Hyderabad on 23rd and 24th March 2013.
  • Medical Education technology workshop conducted by USC at AIMSR, Hyderabad.
  • Primary BLS Course in AIMSR, Hyderabad./li>
  • Rhinoplasty workshop conducted by Care Hospital, Hyderabad.
  • State ENT conference at Guntur.
  • Workshop on FESS conducted by Madhumani Hospital at Nandyal.
  • International workshop on FESS conducted by MAA Hospital.
  • Workshop on Sialoendoscopy conducted by Yashoda Hospital.
  • Workshop on Temporal bone dissection conducted by Dr.G.V.S.Rao.
  • Temporal bone dissection workshop conducted by Govt. ENT Hospital.


  • Excellent listening and communication skills
  • Capability to work effectively with patients who have communication difficulties
  • Obtain medical histories and conduct physical exams for patients to get the correct diagnosis and treatment
  • Prompt decision-making skills for rapid intervention to preserve function and avoid complications
  • Ability to counsel and explain each procedure, treatment as well as the potential complications to the patient and the family
  • Proficiency in identifying injury-related complications and provide appropriate management
  • kill set to perform common otorhinolaryngologic procedures


  • All O.P instruments are available such as aural forceps, nasal forceps, tongue depressors, speculums and laryngoscopes to name a few.
  • These instruments are available for regular examination of ENT patients room.


Faculty List


We are proud to have a set of faculty at the Department of Otorhinolaryngology & HNS who are trained at teaching as well as in surgeries. It is indeed true that best teachers, not just teach by example, but practice as an example.

  • Dr. Gautam Ghosh PROFESSOR & HODDOJ: 22.09.2015

  • Dr. B. Ranganatha Reddy PROFESSOR & HODDOJ: 05.12.2012

  • Dr. G. Vinod Kumar Associate ProfessorDOJ: 23.07.2012

  • Dr. Rakesh Vuppala Associate ProfessorDOJ: 19.08.2013

  • Dr. Jaswender Pal Singh Assistant ProfessorDOJ: 06.04.2012

  • Dr. V. V. S. S. Vinay Kumar Y Assistant ProfessorDOJ: 08.04.2012

  • Dr. B. Vara Prasad Varma Assistant ProfessorDOJ: 20.06.2016

  • Dr. B. Sravani Junior ResidentDOJ: 08.09.2016

  • Dr. Palagati Deepika Junior ResidentDOJ: 13.12.2016

Conference / Seminars / CME

Continual Medical Education (CME) is one of our institution’s primary activities which is designed to expose our students and staff to the recent developments in the medical field.

We aim at providing a gateway to update and revamp the medical knowledge and skills of health professionals and other faculties to be in accord with the latest happenings in the field. We implement CME through various programs including seminars, workshops, and developmental courses which help in delivering various self-learning opportunities for the target groups covered under the program.

These programs greatly help our faculty members and the administration to devise up-to-date curriculum in various specialties for our students enabling them to prepare for the high-level career goals

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