Considered one of the top 10 careers in the world, owing to its low unemployment rate, a comfortable income, and most of all great work-life balance, the Department of Dentistry at Apollo Medical College, is one of the most highly sought after and successful medical courses.

To understand in simpler terms, Dentistry is a branch medicine that is involved in the study, diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of diseases, disorders, and conditions of the oral cavity, commonly in the dentition but also the oral mucosa, and of adjacent and related structures and tissues, particularly in the maxillofacial (jaw and facial) area.


Like all other departments, the patients that come to visit a dentist are in a lot of pain and a lot of fear. As an excellent Dental doctor, we expect our students to have the following skills-

  • Through of the subject matter related to the oral cavity and their treatment, with assured practical knowledge of the subject
  • To be able to handle the medicinal needs including anesthesia during surgical procedures and analgesic drugs judiciously.
  • To be able to maintain a calming environment at the surgical chair, as the patient will be fully aware during all procedures.
  • Maintain a comforting tone while speaking, excellent hand-eye coordination, attention to detail as well as being aware of the fear present in patients.


IIt is of high importance for the medical students to be able to comfort the patients, as, during most Dental procedures, the patient would be conscious. It is expected of our students to be able to maintain the calm of the patient so as to ensure smooth proceedings.


  • Diagnosing dental conditions in paediatric and adult patients

  • Clinical and radiographic evaluation

  • Proficiency in interpreting dental X-rays

  • Master dental procedures like restoration, root canals, various kinds of oral prophylaxis and extraction

  • Proficiency in prescribing antibiotics and analgesics to patients who undergo dental procedures

  • Promoting oral health and disease prevention.

  • Communication skills


Faculty List

Department of Dentistry, at Apollo Medical College, is home to some of the best Dental surgeons, who are highly reputed, experienced, and recognized and rewarded published authors.

  • Dr. Yerra Subbarayan PROFESSOR & HODDOJ: 02.01.2014

  • Dr. A. Vijay Kumar Associate ProfessorDOJ: 28.08.2015

  • Dr. N. Praveena Assistant professorDOJ: 20.07.2012

  • Dr. Naveen Reddy E. Y. B Assistant professorDOJ: 12.12.2012

  • Dr. Shobana Sekhar Assistant professorDOJ: 01.10.2013

  • Dr. Deepthi. R Junior ResidentDOJ: 15.06.2016



In the age of medical breakthroughs that happen every day, we believe that teaching out of books is not enough to make our students successful doctors. We encourage the involvement of our students in talks, seminars, webinars, group discussions, etc. both within and outside the college campus to keep them updated on the latest inventions and ideas in their selected stream of study. Through our CME program, our Department of Dentistry arranges regular seminars and talks with legends in the profession, and invite young achievers and other highly regarded researchers and doctors to share their knowledge and studies with our students. These events are run at regular intervals and all our students are advised to join in these wholesome debates and gatherings to feed their curiosity and imbibe from the latest developments in the field.

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