Casualty or emergency department or emergency room (ER) is the facility that specializes in the acute medical treatment of victims of accident or trauma; and critically ill or seriously injured patients. The department provides initial medical treatment for a broad range of severe and acute illnesses or life-threatening injuries.

The casualty department at The Apollo Medical College is located in Apollo Hospital. The casualty department is operational 24 hours a day and is well-equipped to handle most medical emergencies. The casualty department at The Apollo Medical College is well-staffed with specialists and professors of emergency medicine, who train the undergraduate students in the management of medical emergencies and casualties.


A discussion about a subject matter will teach you more about the issue at hand than just listening to it from a one-dimensional perspective. We believe in engaging our students in seminars, talks, webinars, and group discussions as a part of CME. The Apollo Medical College holds regular talks and seminars at the campus as well as other outside locations in view of our students to benefit from them. Best speakers are brought in with high knowledge on the subject matter and care is taken to ensure modern topics are regularly discussed. We encourage all students to actively participate in the same making this a positively reinforcing experience.

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