Dr A. Rekha

Department: General surgery

Current Designation: Dean & professor

Registration Number: 50179

Academic Qualifications

UG Qualification + Name of College/InstituteMBBS-Kilpauk Medical College,Chennai
PG Qualification + Name of College/InstituteMS -General Surgery Stanley Medical College,Chennai
Any Additional QualificationsFRCS(G) Dip MAS (France) FIAGES PGDCR(Diploma in Clinical research)
Number of Years of Experience25
Publications (in Vancouver Style)Publications National
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International Publications
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and applied anatomy
Dilemmas in poorly differentiated non small
cell lung cancer-Does immunohistochemistry
offer direction to diagnosis? Oct
2010,Melbourne,Australia Lung Cancer
Epidermal Growth factor expression in non
small cell carcinoma-paving the way for
targeted therapy? Oct 2010
Melbourne,Australia Lung Cancer
Conference 2010
Profile of lung cancers from a tertiary care
Centre in South India – an increasing trend
with a paradigm shift Oct 2010 ,Melbourne,
Australia Lung Cancer Conference,2010
Carcinoid and the surgeon-A study from a
Single centre in S.India
May 2011,Cebu,Phillipines,Asian congress of
Gastrointestinal stromal tumors – a clinical
and immunohistochemical analysis. May
2011 Cebu,Phillipines Asian congress of
Diaphragmatic injuries and the associated
injuries spectrum,May 2012,Basel,
Switzerland, ECTES
Comparative analysis of acute pancreatitis
due to alcohol and gall stones
May 2014, Frankfurt,Germany,15th
Cauliflower ear-The pugilist and the insane,
2014,Frankfurt,Germany,15th ECTES,WTC
Gender Discrimination Experienced by
Medical Trainees presented at the 2020
Annual Research Meeting ,Virtual online,
July 2020.
Guest lectures delivered
Delivered an invited guest lecture on
Theranostic markers in non small cell lung
cancer at theICRB conference at SRMC in
Nov 2010
Delivered a series of lectures at World Med,
Baku, Azerbaijan,May 2011 as part of their
continuing education programme
Delivered a lecture on neuroendocrine
tumours of the pancreas at the XV Annual
Rapid Review and revision course at SRU,Jan
Delivered the Sarath Chandra CME lecture on
“Abdominal Trauma” at the TN and
Pondychapter of the ASI at Trichy,Aug,2013.
Speaker at the workshop on ‘Basic and
molecular diagnostics in mycology’ Oct
Was a resource person (faculty) for the
clinical case discussion at CMC, Vellore on
Delivered a lecture on “Abdominal trauma” to
the African Union at the CME for the Pan
Africane Network project for
telemedicine,Jan 2014
Delivered a lecture on “Abdominal trauma”
at the 16th Annual Rapid review and revision
coursein General Surgery,SRMC,Feb
Was a resource person at the workshop on
Vishaka guidelines, organized by the Centre
for women’s advancement, SRU,May 2014
and July 2014
Delivered a guest lecture at the “Basics and
Beyond in breast diseases” CME organized
by the department of radiology, SRU.
Was a resource person at the clinical case
discussion on ”Gastric Carcinoma” organized
by the Indian women doctors association at
Madras Medical College in Aug 2015
Attended the revised basic workshop
organized by the MCI nodal centre,Sri
Ramachandra medical college,from 6th to 8th
Delivered a lecture at the IMMIX -An
integrated approach to breast disease at SRU
on Oct 30th
-31st ,2015.
Delivered a lecture on “Gastric Carcinoma” at
the Annual Rapid Review course in general
surgery at SRU on 27th Jan 2016
Delivered a lecture on “Surgery of the thyroid
gland” at the CME on Management of thyroid
disorders and tumours organized by
Meenakshi Medical College
Hospital,Enathur,Kanchipuram on
Delivered a lecture on Skin and soft tissue
swellings at Saveetha Undergraduate CME of
the association of Surgeons of India,Oct 2017.
Co-chaired a session on case based
discussions at the PG CME, organised by
Madras medical college ,Jan 2018.
Chaired a session on carcinoma breast at the
PG Exam oriented course at Saveetha
Medical college,Feb 2018.
Participated as a delegate in the CME on
“Nutritional support in critically ill:Busting
the myths” at Saveetha Medical College,April
Resource person at the clinical case
discussion on “Oral carcinoma” organised by
the Indian women Doctors’ Association at
Madras Medical College, July
Was a resource person for the revised basic
Course on medical education organised by
Saveetha Medical education unit, Oct
2018and delivered a lecture on “Principles of
interactive learning in a large group”.
Was an invited faculty for the IAGES,2019
organised at Coimbatore, where I delivered a
lecture on ‘Meshes and
Was invited faculty for Stansurg 2019,
organised by Stanley Medical College,
Jan2019. Organised the career counselling
session,along with the Royal college of
surgeons of Edinburgh ,Jan 24,2019.
Was faculty for the PG CME organised by
Saveetha Medical College,Feb 2019.
Was a delegate in the 8th breast reconstructive
and aesthetic surgery conference
(BRASCON) held on 15-17 Feb 2019 at
Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences, Kochi,
Was faculty in the Saveetha Surgical
innovation Hackathon 2019, at SIMATS,11-
12 March 2019,as part of the Harvard
Medical school program in Global Surgery
and social change.
Was chairperson at Auris 2k19,conducted by
the department of anatomy,April
209,Saveetha Medical College
Was invited Faculty and Chair person at the
International College of Surgeons, Indian
chapter held at Madurai 15,16,June
Was faculty and chairperson at The Chennai
Colo rectal ASICON 2019, Chennai, 23 June
Was Faculty at the Surgical CME ,delivered a
talk on Obstructive Jaundice organised by the
Women doctor’s association, at Madras
Medical College, July 2019,Chennai.
Was invited faculty for IMMIX 2019,
organised by the Breast Imaging Society, and
SRMC, Oct 2019.
Participated as faculty at the TN chapter of
ASI for the Zonal refresher course,9-10,Nov
Chaired a session on Women in surgery at the
program organised by SEED and the Boston
Childrens hospital (PGCSS) in Nov 2019
Delivered an oration on Trauma and the
surgeon,at the ASICON 2019,Bhubaneswar
Was invited faculty for the MMC Surgicon
Annual CME 2020,held at MMC 20-23
Was faculty at the PG surgery Exam
orientation course held at Saveetha Medical
College on 11,12 Feb 2020
Delivered a guest lecture to the Medical
Education Unit on “ Teaching and
assessment of skills-a review plan for the
instructor” on 31 Oct,2020 at Saveetha
Medical College
Was the speaker/ resource person for the
Abbott Nutrition e CME “Nutritional care in
ERAS” on Feb 9,2021.
Was a resource person in the ‘Training
program for post graduates “Pedagogy” on
24, 25 Feb,2021, organised by the Medical
Education Unit, Saveetha Medical College.
Was the invited speaker at the webinar on
Haemorrhoidal disease; Management
algorithm across the grades ,15th June,2021 at
1730 hours.
Was the invited speaker at the e CME on “GI
dysfunction & Hospital Malnutrition: Role of
Peptide-Based Therapeutic Nutrition” on 22
June 2021 at 1730 hours
Was invited national faculty for the General
Surgery PG clinics on July 16,2021 conducted
as a Zoom meeting.
Was a resource person for the Revised Basic
workshop & AETCOM held during 11th to
13th Aug,2021 organised under the aegis of
SRIHER and Saveetha Medical College and
Hospital and delivered the lecture on
“Formative and Summative assessment”.
Was a resource person for the Revised Basic
workshop & AETCOM held during 6th to 8th
Oct, 2021 organised under the aegis of
SRIHER and Saveetha Medical College and
Hospital and delivered the lecture on
“Formative and Summative assessment”.
Was a resource person for the undergraduate
surgery exam orientation course organised on
27th Oct,2021 ,at Saveetha Medical College,
Projects (Ongoing & Completed)As Principal investigator
Randomised,double blind-phase 3 trial
comparing the efficacy and safety of
Tigecycline Vs Imipenem,cilastin in
complicated intra-abdominal infections.
Randomised,double blind-phase 2 comparing
investigational product vs cephalexin in skin
and soft tissue infections in adults
Randomised,double blind-phase 2 comparing
investigational product vs cephalexin in skin
and soft tissue infections in paediatric
Randomised double blind phase 2 trial
comparing gemcitabane and
immunomodulator inpancreatic carcinoma
Phase II,randomized trials in measuring
safety and efficacy of the dosing of
Oritavancin As Co investigator
Randomised,double blind-phase 3 trial
comparing the efficacy and safety of
Tigecycline Vs vancomycin,Aztreonam in
skin and soft tissue infections
Randomised,double blind-phase phase 3
comparing efficacy of WCK77 Vs
vancomycin/linezolid in skin and soft tissue
Gram negative sepsis
Pilot study on the role of thermography in
detection of carcinoma breast in conjunction
with DAE,Kalpakkam.
Academic and clinical Research
Guide for the post graduate thesis on
“Comparative analysis of outcomes in
patients with pancreatitis due to gall stones
and due to alcohol” 2015
Guide for the PG thesis on “Urinary
trypsinogen as a marker of acute pancreatitis
in the surgical abdomen -Sri Ramachandra
Medical college, 2016
Guide for the PG thesis on LRINEC score for
Necrotising fasciitis,Sri Ramachandra
Medical college,2017
Guide for the PhD thesis on “Host gene
expression and virulence factor of
Helicobacter pylori in patients with chronic
gastritis” -Ms Selvi Radhakrishnan Sri
ramachandra University March 2021
Guide for the PG thesis on “Urinary
trypsinogen as a marker of acute pancreatitis
in the surgical abdomen -Saveetha Medical
college, 2020.
Guide for the PG thesis on “Clinico
sonomammographic profile of patients with
breast lumps and their microscopic
correlation” -Saveetha Medical college, 2021
Guide for the PG thesis on “Correlation of
CRP/Neutrophilic count with Alvarado
scoring in acute appendicitis’ Saveetha
Medical; College,2022
Positions Held /
Accomplishments / Awards /
Grants (if applicable)
Academic And administrative posts
At Sri Ramachandra University

Associate Dean (students) June 2012-May
Associate Controller Examinations (April
2012-July 2013)
Professor of surgery since 2010
Project Co-ordinator-Clinical Research
Member of the Internal Quality Assurance
Cell (IQAC)
Member of the post graduate ethics committee
Joint Editor-Sri Ramachandra Journal of
Member in charge of Mentoring-Medical
education Unit (Dec 2014)
Member of the Promotions
Treasurer of the Centre for
women’s advancement
At Saveetha university
Professor of surgery-chief unit
III Sept 2017
Associate Dean-accreditation
and international affairs Oct
Associate Dean for Post
graduate Medical Education
March 2022
Member -Medical education Unit
Sept 2018
Advisor for the Harvard Program
in Global Surgery and Social
Change strategy plan group,
Boston Children’s hospital Aug
Member of the women’s
advancement centre March 2019
Apollo Institute Of Medical
Sciences and Research
Dean and Professor of Surgery
from 1,Aug,2022
Awards and honours
Academic distinctions
As an Undergraduate Medical student
(Kilpauk Medical College)
Certificate of honour in Anatomy
Certificate of honour in
Certificate of honour in
Certificate of honour in Forensic
As a postgraduate resident in surgery
(Stanley Medical College)
Silver Jubilee Medal in General surgery
Irayadimai Jaybudeen prize in general
surgery-University Medal
District Surgeon Shanmugam prize in general
surgery-University Medal
Dr Mohan prize in general surgery-University
As Faculty at Sri Ramachandra Medical
College And Research Centre
Awarded a bursary to travel to UK, to attend
the 6th European Oxford Summer School, to
present the paper ‘Hydrocolloid dressings in
chronic diabetic foot ulcers’, June 2001
Won the best paper award at the American
College of surgeons, for the paper, ‘Mishaps
during thyroidectomy’, Feb 2002
Won the best investigator award at the
Annual session -College of surgeons of Sri
Lanka, for the paper ‘Abdominal tuberculosis
–still lurks in the second millennium,Sept
Awarded the GG Chatterjee fellowship by the
Association of surgeons of India,Dec 2002.
Honoured with the ISSF Travel scholar award
by the International Society of Surgeons
Foundation to travel to The International
Surgical Week at Durban, Aug 2005
Awarded the travel grant by the Australia
Lung Foundation to travel to the 3rd
AustraliaLung Cancer Conference,
Melbourne, Oct 2010
As Faculty as Saveetha Medical College
Delivered the Jai Pal singh oration on
“Trauma and the surgeon” at the annual
conference of the Association of Surgeons of
India, Bhuvaneswar Dec 2019.
Conferred with a fellowship of the Royal
College of Surgeons of Glasgow, Feb2020
Areas of InterestBreast and laparoscopic surgery
Medical education
Research in higher education
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