I want to thank you for wanting to know more about what we do here, at the Apollo Institute of Medical Sciences and Research (AIMSR), in Hyderabad.

The Apollo Hospitals group are leaders in healthcare delivery and AIMSR has inherited an illustrious legacy from them. We wish our college to parallel them as an educational institute of national and global repute. To this end, the medical education system that we have adopted at the AIMSR aims to inculcate life-long learning habits in the future, the medical professionals of tomorrow.

We need these attributes to be strongly ingrained as the nature of medical discoveries is changing fast. As an example, in my specialty of Infectious Diseases, I have witnessed the emergence of over 50 new pathogens causing diseases since my graduation from medical school in 1974. A few of these have been vanquished or controlled and others that have spread worldwide with devastating consequences.

Thus the discoveries of new insights into disease mechanisms, advancements of nano technology, gene – biologic- and regenerative biomaterial therapies and genomics driven detection of cancers at the clinics would compel us to learn, imbibe and augment our knowledge. This would enable us to give our patients (whom we serve), the best of the advances in science at a quicker and safer pace. Thus the process of erudition and service delivery of new knowledge needs to continue.

At the same time we need to ensure that the fundamentals of bedside clinical practice and community based service to reach out to the underserved masses at homes remain unchanged. We believe that this involves learning a mix, the highest level of clinical experience, competence and skills, conduct of patient care that is ethical, compassionate and cost effective and with an ability to research the evidence that guides the best practices. Besides this, the focus also needs to be the development of personal attributes of transformational leadership, communication skills and entrepreneurship. These would stand the student in good stead in the face of the realities of the medical profession of the future. All this has to be ensconced as well .

We believe that delivering this kind of skill, value and competence based education needs a partnership between the students, faculty members, administrators and parents. We need to the realize that each student is different, and that the framework of training that we provide, needs to be aligned with the student’s own passions, ambitions and career options.

The aspirations of a young medical school like ours are to do the best for our students. That way we will reach to the very top of national and global rankings, through educational and clinical leadership. This is a challenge, to say the least. It would involve imbibing new teaching methodology of the highest order, improving benchmarks of competence assessments, continuing the professional development of faculty inorder to meet the students’ growing aspirations. We need to look beyond the tenure of the course. We hope to achieve this by sharing, networking and collaborating with institutions of national and international repute, developing a state – of- the art infrastructure to ensure effective transfer of learning with a strong engaging campus life with activity that bolsters all-round development of the student through sports, cultural fests etc. The access to world-class care and teachers would enable our students to excel among the best internationally. This is further strengthened through electives and exchange programs that provide opportunities for a richer experience.

To develop excellent humanistic qualities with empathy and compassion we need to exceed the boundaries and time frame of conventional curriculum and available training years. The exposure to comprehensive primary and secondary level care both in rural areas and among the urban informal dwellers would give an immense opportunity. It will sensitize us to the care of the needy .In order to educate the future professionals, as to the values that they would need to imbibe, in their professional and personal lives, we also seek to use the examples of strong role models from within the faculty and the 6000 + doctors of the Apollo Hospitals Group. We believe that mentorship of the students by experienced clinicians and high achievers would also prepare them for the very real challenges that they would likely face in their day to day lives. It provides a means of absorbing the wisdom almost by a process of osmosis of the ones that have gone before, people who have been through much of the same trials as them. This will them cope through medical school through a strong faculty – student advisory system.

Ultimately, each of us just point out to the way, the general direction. The individual student would need to find his or her own path, based upon a clear idea of individual skills, abilities and capabilities. As faculty we hope to craft these objectives diligently and sensibly, over the coming years, so that our young doctors, who will be in active practice half a decade later, would enhance health equity for all, including the realization of the Millennium Development Goals for 2020. The transformation of an ordinary to provide such extraordinary service would be our goal.

I am happy to say that at the AIMSR, in a brief span we have achieved some of these objectives. We will be striving hard to realize the rest, in the years that are ahead of us. We would like to wish ourselves, and all our stake-holders, the very best in all our endeavors, to develop the AIMSR into an institution of excellence, of which we could all be justly proud of.

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