Literary Events


1. For the Treasure Hunt, One Team Per College will be Permitted for Entry.
2. A Maximum of 3 Members are Allowed Per Team.
3. The Treasure Hunt  Consists of a Series of Clues, Each Clue Leading to the Next One.
4. The Clues are to be Found in a Particular Order.
5. No Team is Allowed to Skip a Clue. In the Above Case, It will Lead to Disqualification of the Concerned Team.
6. Do not Search for Clues in Off-Limit Areas.
7. If Another Team's Clue is Found by Chance, The Team is Not Allowed to Tamper with it.
Any such Incident, Leads to Immediate Disqualification of the Concerned Team.
8. If any Object is Moved to Search for a Clue, Please place it Back in its Original Position.
9. The Clues of all the Teams are Different and Located in Different Places but the Final Outcome Remains the Same.
10. The Team to Solve the Mystery First will be Declared Winners.


Round 1
1. The topic will be given on the spot. Each contestant is given 20 seconds to prepare and is allowed to speak only for one minute. A cue will be given at the end of 20 seconds and another after one minute of speaking.
2. Negative points will be awarded if the judging panel observes any of the following:
a. You object out of turn
b. You stutter, stammer, and generally indulge in “time-wasting tactics”.
These include efforts to buy time like interspersing your talk with “uhh”, “aah” etc...
c. Early start and late start
d. Speaking too fast or too slow
e. Grammatical errors
f. Undue stress on words, undue emphasis in the sentences
g. Repetition of a previously used idea.
3. Points are given in the following manner:
a. Positive points for every second that you speak
b. Positive points for every valid statement
c. Negative points for every second exceeded
4. No questions or arguments once the final decision has been made by the panel of judges.
Round 2 - Superfight
1) The deck of cards is divided into 2 different colours.The White
cards are character cards and the Black cards are the Attribute cards.
2) Each contestant is allowed to choose one card of each colour to
create a fighter and places the cards face down.
3) Next, the cards are opened and each contestant reveals their
fighter. Each contestant then draws a random black card to add to their deck.
4) One minute will be given to the contestants to plead their case
about why their fighter should win the fight. The table then elects the winner.
5) In the case of a tiebreaker, the contestants will draw one white card
and fight without any attributes. The table votes and this is repeated till there’s a winner.
6) Each contestant will be given 30 seconds to think after they draw
their cards. A cue will be given at the end of 30 seconds and another
one at the end of the one minute of arguing to prevent exceeding the limit.


1)There will be a maximum of 5 entries per college.
2)Entries must be written in English.
3)The topics will be released two days prior to the fest i.e. 28th Oct, 2022..
4)The participants are supposed to submit their entries by the 31st October 2022. Late entries will not be accepted.
5) The entries will be submitted through e-mail. Entries received on paper will not be accepted.
6)The word limit would be about a minimum of 700 words and a maximum of 800 words.
7)Any acts of plagiarism are prohibited. If caught, all the entries from that college will be declared invalid.
8)Please make sure your contact details which include your email and phone number are entered correctly.
This is to make sure we can contact you if your entry is chosen as a winner.
9) The topic will be released on all our socials at the designated date and time.
1)There will be a panel who will serve as competition judges.
2)Competition winners will be contacted through email.
3)The decision of the chairperson of the judging panel is final
and no correspondence will be entered into regarding the decision


Basic rules:
1) Each participating team should consist of three members.
2) There will be three rounds in this competition and after each round
the team with the least number of points will be eliminated.
3) The teams will be under supervision of the moderator.
4) The moderator’s role will be to make sure that the participants abide by the rules of the competition.
Moderator can deduct points in case of misconduct.
5) A bench of jury will be present who will be evaluating the act and will be maintaining the scores of each team,
based on which the teams with lower score will be eliminated.
6) The three rounds are:
I. Dumb Charades
II. Pictionary
III. Mirror Round

1) One member from the team comes forward to collect a chit from the selection of topics.
2) The person enacting the topic cannot speak anything, point to an object or a person to indicate something.
The two other members attempt to guess the word.
3) Only one split is allowed for the word that is picked out.
4) Time of one minute will be allotted to each team for completion of the task and
a bell alarms to signal the end of the stipulated time.
5) Points are awarded for each word guessed correctly.
6) Top eight teams will move onto the next round.

ROUND-II (Pictionary)

1) Each team has to select an Illustrator.
2) The role of the Illustrator is to illustrate the word on a white board.
3) The rest of the players from the team, guess the word from the picture drawn out.
4) No spoken clues will be permitted.
5) The time stipulated for this task will be 3 minutes.
6) The top 6 teams will proceed to the Final Round.

ROUND-III (Mirror Round)
1) One team member plays the role of a primary actor and comes forward to pick the topic.
2) He enacts the topic to a secondary actor, who stands facing the third and final team member head on.
3) The secondary actor replicates the motions of the primary actor, acting as his mirror.
4) Third member of the team, placed between two actors, acts as the guesser for the final answer.
5) Only actions should be the way of communication.
6) The time for this task is 3 minutes.
5) Top 3 teams will be bestowed with prizes


1. Each team consists of three participants.
2. This is a written round.
3. Questions will be displayed on a screen for a period of 2 minutes during
which participants are expected to discuss and write down their answer.
4. Mobile phones or any written material is prohibited for the
duration of the quiz, violation of which can result in instant disqualification.
5. Only one common answer sheet will be accepted per team.
6. Top 6 teams will be promoted to the next round, i.e. Round 2.

Jeopardy Round- Round 2
1. In this round, contestants are presented with questions and the answers as four options (multiple choice questions),
the contestant must pick one of these options.
2. This round feature 4 categories, which are ostensibly valued by difficulty, ranging from 100 to 400 points.
3. The categories may encompass of pop culture, medicine, arts, literature and general knowledge.
4. The round will begin when the team with the highest score
at the end of the preliminary round selects any position (a category and a value) from the board.
5. The underlying question will be revealed after which the team must provide a response to the clue.
6. If the team responds correctly, the question’s value will be added to the team’s score and the turn passes to the next team.
7. An incorrect response or a failure to respond within 10 seconds, allows the next team to answer the same question.
The failure of the second team to answer correctly, eliminates the question and no points will be awarded for the same.
8. The 4 highest scoring teams at the end of Jeopardy will proceed to the final Rapid-Fire round.

Rapid Fire Round- Round 3
1. The top 4 teams from the previous round make it into the rapid-fire round.
2. Questions will be displayed and read out.
3. Each team will be given a buzzer which they should press once they are certain of the answer.
4. Teams must answer within 5 seconds of pressing the buzzer.
5. Wrong answers will result in negative points.
6. Questions will be changed within 30 seconds of displaying it.

Tie Breaker
1. In case of a tie in the written round, the team which has answered a greater number of tie breaker questions correctly wins.
2. If the tie still persists, then the team with the longest streak of correct answers, wins.
3. In case of a tie in the other two rounds, tie breaker questions (in odd numbers) will be asked.


1) The two teams are given the topic.
2) They have 20 minutes to prepare their respective cases.
3) The Government team begins the debate by delivering the first speech - a speech that outlines and
describes their support of the motion. 5 minutes.
4) The Opposition team then responds to this speech with a speech constructing
their critique of the Government's case. 6 minutes.
5) The Government team responds to the Opposition's
arguments, attempting to reassert their own position. 6 minutes.
6) The Opposition team responds in the same manner. 6 minutes.
7) The Opposition team concludes with a "rebuttal" speech - a speech designed to act as a summary of
the important issues to think about in the debate. 2 minutes.
8) The Government team finishes with its own rebuttal speech 2 minutes.
9) 3 people per team - Prime Minister/Leader of Opposition and Members of Parliament.


1) Participants must form teams of three, with one team leader.
2) Teams will be given a case file with patient details, history and labs.
3) They will be given 15 minutes to come up with an accurate diagnosis and basic line of treatment.
4) First round will be preliminary, and highest scoring teams will progress to finals.
5) Scoring will be based on accuracy of diagnosis and rationality of the proposed treatment plan

Contact for Literary Events

Chinmay Addepalli

Janhavi Shindikar


1. Teams can register for the events through the website (before the fest) or at the venue (spot registrations).
2. Spot registrations for all events(except Treasure hunt) will start 2 hours before the event and end 30 minutes before the event.
Teams that fail to register will not be permitted to participate in the event.
3. Registration dates for these events will be announced and all the teams have to register within the specified dates.
4. Registrations should be done by the student representative or team captain.
5. Participating teams have to be present at the venue on time. Failure to do so will lead to disqualification.
6. Slotting for any event will be done randomly by picking lots.
7. Use of any obscene language is not permitted.
8. Participants are not supposed to digress from the given topic.
9. The time limit for any event (if required) will be announced during the event.
10. Final decisions in case of any discrepancies shall be taken by the jury.
11. The online registrations for the creative writing event must be done two days prior to the fest commencement.
12. The entries for creative writing should be submitted online.
13. All participants of solo/group events have to report personally to the registration desk for registration with valid college id. They have to pay the registration fee at the same time if applicable. Only registered students will be allowed to take part in the event.

Rules for MBBS Students

1) Only MBBS students of the Medical College are allowed to take part in the sports events.
2) The students must carry a letter stating which college they belong to with the Dean's signature.
3) All the teams must report to the venue 15 minutes prior to the scheduled start time of the event.
4) A walkover will be awarded to the opposing team if a team fails to arrive at the venue within 10 minutes of the scheduled start of the match/event.
5) Organisers will declare a contest forfeit and have the discretion to amend the 10 minute forfeit rule
6) The organising committee decides the fixture, venues and timing.
7) Only 2 staff members are allowed to accompany participants from each college.
8) The organising committee may make changes in the venue or the timings if unforeseen circumstances arise.
9) The referee/ judge and the organising committee's decisions are final and binding.
10) Only the captain/ leader of the team is entitled to communicate with the organising committee.

Rules for PGs

1)Competitions for PGs and MBBS students will be different.

2)PGs of all colleges can take part in competitions arranged for them.

3)The rules and format will be released later on based on no of entries.

4)The PG competition's points will not be included in the shield points.

5)They should carry a valid college ID.

6)Quiz is the only common event for PGs and MBBS students (A team of 3, max one pg in each team.)

7)PG's cannot take part in dare to diagnose, they can take part in all other events

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