Cultural Events


• Registration Fees : 500 Per Team.


Maximum of 15 Participants.

Duration of 10 Minutes.

Only 1 Team Per College.



2 Participants from Each College.

Duration of 5 Minutes.


2 Participants from Each College.

Duration of 5 Minutes.


3 Participants from Each College.

Duration of Each Round - 1 Min 30 Sec.

Duration of the Final Round is 2 Mins.


Karaoke/Instrumental is Allowed.

Duration of 8 Mins [Max]

15 Participants from Each College.

Only 1 Team Per College.


2 Participants from Each College for Respective Category.

Karaoke Permitted.

5 Mins Max.

Categories : Classical, Indian, Western.


• Registration Fees : 250 Per Team.

15 Mins Max (Mic Checks and Setting Time Included).

1 Band Per College.

10 Participants Maximum in Each Band.

Get Your Own Instruments.

Categories : Open.


2 Participants Per College.

5 Mins Max.

Instruments will Not be Provided.


• Registration Fees : 100 Per Team.

Theme Based.

Only Colours will be Provided.

1 Team = 3 People (Max).

Only 1 Team Per College.

Time - 3 Hours.

Theme : Depict Any Serious Issue as a Funny Comic.


• Registration Fees : 500 Per Team.

Theme Based.

Peops will Not be Provided.

Time - 15 Mins Max.

Each Team with a Maximum of 15 People from Each College.

Only 1 Team Per College.

Only One Theme can be Selected.

1) You are delivered a newspaper at your front door every day that accurately predicts what happens in the next 24 hours.
2) A fountain that grants wishes to those who throw coins in it.
3) You’re home watching TV. The TV character dials a number on their phone and your phone rings.
4) You wake up from a coma that no one expected you to recover from.


Time - 1.5 Hours.

Mehendi Cones will be Provided.

Get the Person You will be Applying Mehendi On.

2 Teams Per College.

Each Team Consists of the Participants and The Person You'll be Applying On.

Category : Open.


Time - 1 Hour.

1 T-Shirt will be Provided to Each Participant.

Maximum of 2 Participants Per College.

Category : Open.


Time - 1 Hour.

3 Participants Per College.

Topic Based (Topic will be Disclosed Right Before the Competition).


• Registration Fees : 100.

Time - 2 Hours.

Oil/Acrylic/Water Colours to be Used.

Canvas will be Provided.

2 Participants Per College.

Category : Open.


Topic - Social Dilemma.

Newspapers, Magazines, Etc. can be Used.

4 Participants Per Team.

Maximum of 3 Teams Per College.

Only the Base Chart will be Provided.


Duration of 5 Minutes Per Participant.

2 Participants Per College.

(DISCLAIMER : No Explicit Content,
Foul Language will Result in Disqualification).


Time - 3 Hours.

Topic will be Disclosed Right Before the Competition.

3 Participants Per College.

Editing is Not Allowed.

The Photo Should be Tagged Along with a Caption.


Duration - 1.5 Hours.

3 Teams Per College.

Each Team Consists of the Participant and the Person you are Going to Paint On.

Colours will be Provided.

Get your Own Brushes, Only Face Paints will be Provided.

Category : Open.


Length of the Film - 15 Mins.

Pendrive with the Short Film Should be Submitted on the Designated Date.

Only One Theme to be Selected.

1) Conspiracy Fiction.
2) Horror Comedy.
3) Melodrama.
4) Parody on Reels, Tiktok, and Social Media.

Contact for Cultural Events

Vaibhav Gupta

Sravani Bhogavalli


1) 15 minutes of waiting time will be given, past that the team will be disqualified.
2) Props and Costumes will not be supplied unless specified otherwise.
3) Submission of audio files is to be done in MP3 format while registration or during registration.
4) Slotting of a team for a certain event will be done randomly by picking lots.
5) Any obscenities in steps, costumes or language will result in disqualification.
6) Don’t litter the stage.,

7) All participants of solo/group events have to report personally to the registration desk for registration with valid college id. They have to pay the registration fee at the same time if applicable. Only registered students will be allowed to take part in the event.

Rules for MBBS Students

1) Only MBBS students of the Medical College are allowed to take part in the sports events.
2) The students must carry a letter stating which college they belong to with the Dean's signature.
3) All the teams must report to the venue 15 minutes prior to the scheduled start time of the event.
4) A walkover will be awarded to the opposing team if a team fails to arrive at the venue within 10 minutes of the scheduled start of the match/event.
5) Organisers will declare a contest forfeit and have the discretion to amend the 10 minute forfeit rule
6) The organising committee decides the fixture, venues and timing.
7) Only 2 staff members are allowed to accompany participants from each college.
8) The organising committee may make changes in the venue or the timings if unforeseen circumstances arise.
9) The referee/ judge and the organising committee's decisions are final and binding.
10) Only the captain/ leader of the team is entitled to communicate with the organising committee.

Rules for PGs

1)Competitions for PGs and MBBS students will be different.

2)PGs of all colleges can take part in competitions arranged for them.

3)The rules and format will be released later on based on no of entries.

4)The PG competition's points will not be included in the shield points.

5)They should carry a valid college ID.

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