General Medicine

MD in General Medicine offered by AMC is a 3-year doctorate course that is dedicated to learning internal medicine in detail. It covers the areas of medicine like basic medical science, biostatistics and clinical epidemiology, diagnostic investigation procedures, and so on.

Units – 4

Distribution of Postgraduates to units:

Each unit – 2 PG’s

PG’s to be distributed according to NEET ranking to units

Unit – I      – Dr. R. Prahallad – Prof & HOD – 2

Unit – II     – Dr. D. Nagender – Prof – 2

Unit – III    – Dr. Dilip Mathai – Prof – 2

Unit – IV    – Dr. Y. Ganesh – Prof– 2

1st year: 

  • All PG’s will be working in their respective units in 1st year till they are posted to peripheral at the start of 2nd year.
  • The thesis (dissertation) is allotted to PGs by respective professors and the department.
  • The title for each student is to be sent to the University not later than 6 months, preferably 3rd or 4th of the course commencement.
  • Thesis review is will be scheduled every 3 months thereafter
  • In the 3rd year, the thesis will be submitted to the university 6 months prior to the final examination for acceptance
  • PG’s will be working under and mentored by the professors under whom they are posted and are accountable to them.
  • PG’s are expected to be doing their health care duties on their admission days and posted to ICU/MECO/Wards – round the clock 9 am – 9 am and post-admission. Rounds will be done with unit heads and other faculty.
  • For this purpose, Senior Residents, Assistant professors for the concerned units (on admission days) are to be considered for posting in ICU in addition to ICU working doctors.

1st year PG’s = Junior Residents

Academic activities:

Weekdays: 2 – 4 pm

Monday                       – Journal Club

Tuesday                      – Presentations and discussion x-ray, ECG’s, CT, MRI

Wednesday                 – Clinical Case discussion

Thursday                     – Hospital meeting

Friday                          – Seminar

Saturday                     – Faculty meeting with PG’s

– Academic Program

– Guest lecturers and thesis review on the 4th Saturday of the month, every 3 months.

– One day CME in the month of Nov/Dec 2020.

– Preparing PG’s for platform/ poster presentation/ participation in Quiz for the upcoming APICON 2021 & state APICON 2020 (august).

– Workshop in ECG- ECHO (Dr. Narasimham (CARE) or Apollo Cardiologist).

– Evaluation of PG’s by unit heads/faculty/guide day to day basis

LOG Books

Weekdays: 9 am – 4 pm

9 am to 2 pm:

– OP’s

– Wards

– Emergency (Clinical Work)

– Referrals (Clinical Work)

2 pm to 4 pm:

– Academic work

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