Doctorate of Medicine in Anatomy, offered by The Apollo Medical College, is a 3-year specialization course that focuses on the structure of the human body. This course fosters a deep knowledge in the field of Anatomy providing an enhanced understanding of development and ontogeny of body organs and critical phases of human growth.

Course Details

No. of Students intake – 1

Total Duration – 36 months

1st Year

  • 1st month – Orientation to Department
  • From 2nd month – Allotment of dissection table along with associate professor
    1. Osteology classes
    2. Thesis/Dissection topic to be allotted
    3. Embalming of Cadavers

2nd Year

  • 2 months Peripheral Postings to the Departments of
    1. Pathology-15 days
    2. Radiology-15 days
    3. General Medicine-15 days
    4. General Surgery-15 days
    5. OBGYN-1 week
    6. Orthopedics-15 days
    7. Genetics lab-15 days
  • Gross anatomy classes
  • Histology techniques/Tissue preparation
  • Embryology + Neuro Anatomy
  • Museum techniques

3rd Year

  • Thesis completion & Submission
  • Poster/paper presentation at the conference
  • Preparation for final exams
  • Logbook

Academic activities

  • Thursday- Journal club
  • Saturday- Seminar
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